What is a proper definition of a cause and effect essay? If it can be said that one thing causes the other, then it is a cause and effect paper. When dealing with this type of paper, you should know that it identifies the causes and effects of a particular phenomenon. Note that there can be several effects of a single cause.

When you are to prepare a cause and effect essay, you need to know that this process involves several stages. It is necessary to choose a topic, determine the cause and effect, and establish a direct connection between them. The cause is the reason for something, while the effect is the consequences. When creating this paper, you have to present a specific problem and analyze it in detail.

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If you want to make sure that your paper is well written, try to answer the following questions:

  • Are the causes properly identified?
  • Are the effects determined clearly?
  • Does your paper deals with one or multiple causes and effects?
  • Are causes and effects closely connected?

Before you begin writing the paper, spend a little time generating ideas. Identify causes and effects. Determine the direction of your work i.e. whether you will examine one point or several aspects. Make sure that you have disclosed all items properly. Check whether the established connection between the cause and effect is reasonable.

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Composing the Paper

After brainstorming, you need to analyze the topic. Think what approach to adopt to structure and cover it completely. Such kind of essay can be organized in the following manner:

  • By importance
  • By group
  • Chronologically

If you select the first method, you will need to discuss the most essential points first and then move to the minor ones. However, you may do everything vice versa. When applying the second mode of writing, you will need to categorize the explored issues into groups. The last method implies arranging discussed points in the order they appeared.

Chief Components of a Cause and Effect Essay

The key rules of writing this paper are presented below:

  • Present facts objectively.
  • Provide accurate data and plausible arguments to show how the cause and effect are connected.
  • Use transition words and word-combinations. They will help you highlight the difference between the similar and opposing points.
  • Use reliable sources to write a valid work.
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Cause and Effect Essay Plan

If you want to write a paper of high quality, you need to preserve the following structure:

  • Choose a fascinating subject examining which you will provide readers with useful information.
  • Write a solid introduction with a coherent thesis statement.
  • Produce the main body comprising three paragraphs which should present powerful evidence.
  • Prepare a clear conclusion that will summarize the discussed points.

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Paper Structure

An introduction should perform the following functions:

  • Introduce the subject and central point.
  • Present a thesis statement and its aim.
  • Provide supporting arguments, vivid examples, and hard facts. As a result, your essay will sound reasonable.
  • Use transitions so that readers can go smoothly from an introduction to the body of the paper.

The paragraphs of the main body should provide detailed information so that it is possible to explain why some things happen. In other words, body paragraphs should identify the causes of particular events and explain the effects. Pay attention to the following points when writing the main body:

  • One paragraph should describe the cause.
  • Another paragraph should highlight the effect.
  • Establish and explain the connection between cause and effect.
  • Provide citations. Do not forget that the sources should be cited correctly.
  • Use the words and expressions that will help introduce the causes. For example, why, because, that is why, thus, etc.
  • Use the words and expressions that will present effects. For instance, as a result, consequently, and others.

When writing a conclusion, you should not summarize the aspects covered in the paper. It is much better to make a right combination of the provided ideas and statements as this paragraph should make readers adopt your position.

Your paper should end with a reference page. Follow your guidelines and organize the sources accordingly. Pay attention to the formatting style you are applying, i.e. MLA, APA or any other and make sure you have done everything correctly.

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