How to write a deductive essay

Helpful Hints on Deductive Essay Writing

As a rule, students fall into despair when they are assigned a deductive paper to write. If they are now well-versed in this essay type and do not have the faintest idea what they are expected of, they try making up different things in their mind regarding how to write a deductive essay. Such terms as deductive thinking, deductive reasoning, and everything connected with them make them nervous and anxious. Still, when knowing the fundamentals of deductive writing, you will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything is far simpler than you have imagined before. The most important aspect is to gather sufficient information on the essay topic and make sure you clearly convey the central point.

When working on a deductive essay, you need to ensure that you base your approach on a certain concept. As such, the very first thing you need to do is to introduce clues, circumstances, and premises that relate to your topic. These definitions and interpretations will help you set up a logical and clear assumption. Thus, your main point is to give a solution to the stated problem by providing sufficient information discussed in the essay.

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When writing a deductive paper, a writer should carry out an extensive research of the assigned or selected topic. When all the points have been balanced and weighted, it is crucial to come to a sound conclusion that will once again pinpoint to the main idea that you originally intended to convey. Thus, as you see, the information you utilize in your paper is extremely important, so make sure you extract it only from credible sources as it should be persuasive and based on expert opinion.

For professors, deductive papers are a great way of evaluating students’ writing skills and abilities, critical and analytical thinking, and deductive reasoning. Besides, with the help of deductive writing, professors can evaluate how logical students are in providing the paper layout.

How to Write Effective Deductive Papers (Main Steps)


  • Set the tone for your writing

Make sure you set proper tone of writing and expressing ideas. If the essay is required to be written in a formal style, then be sure not to use colloquial language, slang whatsoever. Besides, the tone of writing is about being unbiased and factual. If you introduce some facts, make sure they can be proven or supported by expert opinion. Avoid providing subjective opinions.

  • Choose an effective topic

It is essential to choose a topic that is not emotional and that does not depend on personal preferences of the one who writes on it. Therefore, avoid topics that will most probably get an overly emotional feedback or response. It would be really hard to remain objective when addressing such topics.

  • Work on the central premise

Initially, when writing a deductive paper, you need to set a premise. This is a beneficial writing tip since it makes the topic more appealing to the target audience. Actually, it is used when composing a conclusion. As such, you may utilize a few premises. If you give readers a hint what you will focus on in the research, then you will evoke interest in readers’ minds.

  • Craft the introduction carefully

Keep in mind that you need to clearly explain the main purpose of the paper and the central issue in the introductory paragraph. If needed, set context for the topic. To do that properly, you need to study the background. Make sure you are knowledgeable in the topic since this essay is solely based on facts.

  • Introduce the evidence

Evidence is the core part in deductive writing. After you have formulated your thesis statement, it is crucial to develop the central argument that supports it alongside with illustrations and examples from expert-based sources. Besides, each of the supporting paragraphs should be focused on providing evidence to each of the topic aspects. Make sure to exclude subjective opinions or personal experiences from deductive kind of writing.

  • Compose a conclusion

This is the final section of your paper where you write a logical summation of the research. It should be as brief and concise as possible. Besides, it is important to reach a balanced result of writing in the conclusion. As an option, you might provide suggestions or recommendations for the future research.

Deductive essay writing helps professors to assess the knowledge level of students in the needed discipline

Deductive reasoning is considered to be the art. It helps the writer to make grounded conclusions regarding the discussed situation or find a solution to the discussed issue or even discover the identity of a person in case sufficient information is provided.

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In addition, deductive reasoning takes into account factors or facts of individual character, analyses the received knowledge in the discussed sphere and compares the obtained data in order to make a logical conclusion. There are three main parts of deductive reasoning. The first one is premise. Premise is a fact or belief which is used to make a conclusion. A number of premises can be used in the argument. The second important part is evidence. It can be any data the writer finds on the topic, be it a story analyzed or something seen. The final important part is conclusion. It is the final writer’s view and analysis of a certain situation. It is important to arrive at a conclusion by keeping balance between the evidence and premises. Please check the example below:

  • The premise is: Monkey is a primate
  • The evidence is: Tom is a monkey
  • The conclusion is: Tom is a primate.

Despite the fact that this example of deductive reasoning is too simple, it is still a correct one.

People use deductive reasoning in their daily life. For example, one can notice that the road is wet. This fact can be interpreted in a number of ways. The reason for wet road may be a water-filled truck whose task was to wet the road. Another reason for wet road may be a leakage in the pipes under the ground. However, the most common reason may be the rain. Personal experience as well as detailed consideration of all possible factors helps to come up to the most logical conclusion, namely weather conditions. Of course, there might be a number of different factors that may cause wetness on the road, but rain is considered the most possible and logical explanation. In case you are sure that there is no rain outside or if you are aware that the street has been washed not long ago, your deduction will be altered accordingly. Deductive reasoning requires most reasonable conclusions but it cannot be considered an absolute truth. A lot of spheres of study and work apply deductive reasoning. For example, policemen use it in their daily work when they need to report an investigation; scientists use it in their experiments; doctors use it in their work, etc.

Clarity and focus help to make a perfect deductive essay. One has to focus on a certain aspect or point of the discussed topic and in order to arrive at a logical conclusion it is important to use details and example. One of the most essential factors is the support provided by the writer in the conclusion. Speaking in other words, your conclusion will be weak if you fail to support it. 

Check Out the Examples of Topics for the Deductive Essay

  1. Democracy vs Communism
  2. Degree course vs Web-based courses
  3. Love vs hate
  4. Immigrants and freedom
  5. Lies vs truth

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Interesting Topics on Sociology

Essays are divided on so many types. Professors do not get tired to assign them to their students. for example, students can be tasked to write a cause and effect essay, deductive essay, persuading essay and so on. It is crucial to meet the requirements and submit the complete essay within the set deadline. Below you may find some of the topics for your essay:

  1. Is it important to make both genders equal?
  2. Are men empowered in modern society?
  3. Is there a need to set financial reservation?
  4. When a couple decides to divorce, is there a need to interfere?
  5. Will it ever be possible to get rid of social evil?

Here you may find topics for Biotechnology essays:

  1. Is it safe to use seeds grown with the help of biotechnology? Do we need to remove them from agriculture?
  2. Is it healthy to use dairy products received due to biotechnology?
  3. Will there be negative consequences for our environment after we start using biotechnology in every sphere of our life?
  4. Biotechnology helps to produce so called hybrid seeds. Is it safe for our health?
  5. Can we perceive biotechnology the most advanced invention in agricultural sector?

Best essay topics on Law

  1. Do we have to stop politics from interfering into educational process?
  2. Why such natural rights as eating, breathing and drinking should remain natural?
  3. Will adaption of law system help to reduce the anarchy in the world?
  4. Can law become a serious obstacle in reaching justice and order?
  5. Why do we need to change constitutional law with time? Cannot it be unchangeable?

Deductive essay topics on Economics

  1. Can foreign investments help to develop poor countries?
  2. Is it possible to reduce dumping in the developing nations?
  3. Economist should keep in mind supply and demand theories in order to improve the overall economy of the country.
  4. Is it possible to come to new approaches to make people invest in better infrastructure?
  5. Is it even possible to improve the economy in developing countries?

Extra Crucial Details

Make sure to bear in mind all the distinctive features of deductive writing regardless of the topic you have selected or been assigned. First and foremost, maintain the paper focus and do not narrow it down too much. The essay should be focused exactly on what you explain. If you do not adhere to this aspect, your target audience will most probably lose track of what you are writing about. Second, the whole work should be clear in meaning so that the paper is free from any confusion. The paragraphs should be properly structured and carefully planned in advance. Conclusion should be supportive to the main idea you aimed to convey.

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