Duke University Supplement Essay Writing: Great Hints

Duke is a private educational establishment situated in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in the city of Trinity in 1838. In 1892, the university moved to Durham, and since that time, it has been regarded as one of the top-rated educational establishments in the world.

Duke’s undergraduate community comprises more than 6,000 students involved in doing numerous projects, writing Duke University supplement papers, and undertaking diverse scientific activities. The institution uses the semester-based educational system and consists of a couple of schools, i.e. the Pratt School of Engineering and the Trinity one of Arts and Sciences. The university can be proud of its research facilities and superior programs for athletes.

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It should be admitted that those studying at Duke University are not common learners. They can be characterized as charismatic, dynamic, and bright personalities aimed at achieving their goals. This educational establishment offers them plenty of opportunities for undertaking diverse extracurricular activities. Additionally, the freshmen have a possibility of being housed together so that it is easier for them to create a united community.

Duke University Essay Hints

Duke University Essay Hints 1

Task 1. Sexual Orientation (Optional)

You have an opportunity to talk about your sexual orientation. You can either discuss it below or in the Duke University supplement essay.

By fulfilling this task, you get a chance to describe your sexual orientation. The purpose of Duke University is to build a close-knit community where everyone can express themselves. When creating such a paper, you need to be sincere and present accurate information only. You should not be ashamed of talking about your sexuality if you consider it a powerful and significant aspect of your life. Put forward strong arguments to explain your position. Maybe you have recently realized that it is your sexuality that makes you see the world in a specific way.

It is considered that the experience of the LBGT community is collective what is a wrong belief. There are a great number of individuals across the globe, e.g., actors, politicians, singers, sportsmen, and others, who identify themselves with the mentioned community. One should understand that sexual orientation cannot be regarded as an all-embracing way of typifying people, as they (people) differ from each other and the experience of each of them is individual.

Taking the aforementioned information into account, you can start your piece of writing by stating how your sexual orientation determines your individuality, influences your goals and aspirations.

In order to create a coherent essay conveying your message to readers clearly, consider the following prompts:

  • Analyze Specific Facts – Maybe not only you but also your friends have noticed that your sexual orientation became rather obvious with time. As a result, your friends’ treatment has changed considerably. In order to make your essay reasonable and powerful, you may use a compare and contrast method to show how you have been treated in the middle school, for example, and a high school. In the course of analysis, indicate the time when and how people’s attitude towards you started to change.
  • State what Your Sexual Orientation Means to You – If you have become stronger owing to your sexual orientation, explain it to readers by citing concrete examples. Say what you value and have pride in. Additionally, tell the committee how your sexual orientation helps you express your personality.
  • Pose Some Questions – Everyone’s experience is individual, so do not hesitate to share yours. Tell readers what thoughts and questions have flashed through your mind. For instance, how has your sexual orientation determined your targets? How has it influenced your personal development? Try to transform your paper in a constructive dialogue, which you could hold with your readers face-to-face discussing your ideas. You main task when producing such a work is to make readers understand that you are a mature person who is able to talk about important things seriously.

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Duke University Essay Hints 2

Task 2. Abilities and Expertise (Optional)

Do you want to get a precise answer to the question, “How hard is it to get into Duke University?” You should know that this educational institution is focused on gifted, energetic, and fully developed applicants. The University administration believes that the variety of learners makes their community more powerful. If you want the admission board to learn more about your personality, feel free to share your experience and explain how you can contribute to the community development. Here, you can mention the relations with your relatives, friends, your attitude to gender issues, etc.

Though this prompt is not obligatory, we strongly advise you to develop it. Composing a piece of writing focused on the mentioned issues may seem quite challenging. However, the sole query it should disclose is your abilities and expertise.

Before staring preparing your piece of writing, you should take a close look at the chief goals of Duke. The president of the University has made knowledge its primary focus. This educational institution is concentrated on encouraging everyone to develop their thinking and openly present their viewpoints on various subjects including race, gender, etc. The University strives to make it possible for everyone to develop their personality while studying. In this way, the administration of this educational establishment wants to find out how your ideas, beliefs and outlook can foster the community development.

If to look through the list of books given to students to read for summer, one can clearly see the issues the University values. These publications present the views of different authors on the discussed subjects and encourage readers to deeply think about how persons’ background influences their viewpoints on those subjects. In order to fully comprehend how to describe your experience or express your opinion about the matter in question, it is worth scrutinizing the publications assigned to students in the previous years.

If you desire to train your brain, take a sheet of paper and try to give detailed responses to the questions listed below:

  • What is special about my background? Fiends? Family? Community?
  • What life lessons and experience have fostered my self-development?
  • What things do I value most of all? Is there anything I would like to change about our world?
  • What are the crucial phenomena or events that have made me the person who I am today?

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Once all questions are answered, try to determine if your responses clearly highlight your peculiar features and values. Feel free to talk to your family and friends, as they may help you understand yourself better.

Down below, there are a few handy prompts that will help you produce such an essay:

  • Be Yourself – The majority of those who are going to write admission papers are advised to highlight some of their zests to attract the board’s attention. However, the best thing is to be honest and sincere. Provide true facts about your childhood, upbringing and teenage period and you will notice how quickly a clear picture of yourself is being formed. Your true story is what the Duke’s admission committee wants to hear. For instance, when composing your essay, you may state that a half of your relatives are Canadians. However, you do not find the authentic cuisine delicious and family meetings interesting, as you grew up in an absolutely different cultural community. When developing your piece of writing, you should say that you still have started following some family traditions and established the new ones with your peers and friends.
  • Concentrate on the Generally Accepted Opinion – Do others believe that you play football or the piano because some of your sisters/brothers undertake such an activity? You may tell readers how the way you have been raised influenced your decision to participate in the mentioned activities. Nevertheless, you may also state that playing football, for example, is not only about doing physical exercises and feeling team spirit. Perhaps being exhausted after training, you like pondering over some important matters on your way home. Additionally, you can tell readers how you value the time you spend with your friends while playing football. Share your opinion about how collective activities can help establish firm friendship.
  • Evaluate Your Experience – Here, you can state how your aspirations and objectives have changed throughout your life stages (childhood, teenage period, etc.) and events (travelling, moving to another city, etc.). To make the writing process easier and your essay coherent, you can divide it into a few sections devoting each of them to a specific issue. For example, if you spent your childhood in Spain, you could write about how their temperament helped them reach their targets. You can also discuss how your outlook and aims changed once you have moved to the USA.
Duke University Essay Hints 3

Task 3. Pratt School of Engineering

If you intend to apply to this educational institution, you are supposed to clearly explain your decision to study engineering at Duke.

Are you eager to find out how to get into Duke University? One of the steps you need to take is create a typical admission essay explaining why you have chosen a particular major and educational institution. It should consist of 150 words. You may say that such a number of words is too small for fully covering the given topic. Perhaps you are right. However, you cannot skip this step. It follows that you need to be precise and express your ideas in a comprehensible way to cover each aspect of your topic. When writing your paper, try to avoid using vague expressions and general statements. Saying that you have chosen engineering because you consider this area interesting will not impress the board. Besides, hundreds of other applicants usually write the same in their application papers. Therefore, if you desire to outshine other candidates, try to provide a more reasonable explanation.

The admission board wants to realize what have made you to pick such a research area. Its members desire to find out more about your personality, interests, goals, dreams, etc. It is clear that the most effective way of displaying your talents is producing a profound essay.

The following points will help you move in the right direction:

  • Examine a Problem-Solving Technique – In many cases, engineers are more focused on the way the issue can be resolved than the final outcome. You should stress that you like exploring the details of the issue, examining the peculiarities of different methods with the purpose of finding the most suitable one for solving the matter, etc. In other words, you enjoy going through each stage of the problem-solving process. Describe your steps clearly. Applying such a technique to preparing your essay will show the board that you are inventive, bright, and curious to investigate new subjects what is important for engineers.
  • Spell out a Particular Theory/Idea – Perhaps at a particular moment you have realized why engineering seems so engaging to you. If you concentrate on that moment, you will be able to narrow your topic and make the writing process much easier. For instance, you may describe your surprise at seeing some of the laws of physics in action. Tell readers that you could have never thought that doing experiments is not only an educational activity but also an engaging one.
  • Give Illustrative Examples (Obligatory) – Begin with browsing the website of the chosen educational establishment. You are required to establish direct connection between the statements you make, your goals and the opportunities offered by the selected school. Show that the educational institution you have selected has all the facilities needed for teaching engineering. The most suitable way of demonstrating it is mentioning specific problem-solving methods offered by the school which you consider rather effective in resolving issues. In addition, you may state how some of your methodologies can help develop the programs offered by the Pratt School, etc.
Duke University Essay Hints 4

Task 4. Trinity School of Arts and Sciences

Keep in mind that this educational institution is focused on Arts and Sciences only. If you are going to apply to it, you will need to compose a piece of writing explaining why this school is the most suitable for you. What specific features of this school you consider the most attractive? This essay should include 150 words.

It should be stated that this essay is more general than the previous one. However, you should not think that writing such a paper does not demand any efforts. You have only 150 words in which you are required to accurately represent the essence of your topic. As well as with a previous essay, you should avoid making generalizations. On the contrary, be thorough and support your ideas with vivid examples. Explain why you not only consider Duke an appropriate school but also find yourself able to contribute to its development.

Consider following the advice given below when crafting your essay:

  • Put on a Strong Accent on Your Personality – Duke University is characterized by its focus on ingenious, smart and dynamic students. Therefore, if you are willing to be accepted, show that you are ready to spend sleepless nights exploring numerous subjects, developing theories and brainstorming ideas. Moreover, demonstrate your readiness to participate in various conferences, shows, extracurricular activities, etc. Remember that it is essential for the applicants to prove they have all the skills necessary for studying at Duke University.
  • Talk about Your Interests – If you are good at something or interested in a particular field of study, you can claim that the opportunities provided by Duke University will help you attain your academic goals and career aspirations. For instance, if you are into studying Biology, the experiments which you could do in the Duke’s laboratory will help you broaden your knowledge and gain valuable experience. Additionally, you may state that cooperation with the faculty staff would help you not only interpret your research findings but also transform them into a solid study.
  • Connect the Offered Opportunities with Your Abilities – Do not forget that linking the opportunities offered by the chosen educational establishment with your skills is of immense importance. Note that the admission officers will not be able to learn more about you if you just list the events organized by Duke University which you would like to participate in. Your task is to transform your essay in an effective tool for representing your unique traits and abilities. When creating your piece of writing, you need to emphasize that you are willing to take part in doing complex research projects, conducting experiments, and developing other scientific undertakings that would make a great contribution to the Duke community.

Duke University Supplement Essay Sample

My application to study a masters degree at Duke University has been inspired by different aspects of the university that fits with my career goals. My goal is to have a wide perspective and not focus on economics only. Duke University provides students with a chance to incorporate other courses in their economic studies. Such courses include political science and public policy which fit with their goals.

The faculty at the university is diversified, which presents immense experience to the students. Some professors at the university focus their research on specific countries. Others concentrate on specialized areas such as public finance and financial market development. The diversified faculty at Duke University attracted me to apply for a masters degree because it could provide me with an all round experience. In addition, students hail from various cultures, work experiences and educational backgrounds. Such diverse people can improve my perception and relationship with others.

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