While studying, students often receive task of writing an exploratory essay, which is meant to teach students how to use various research techniques in order to examine the certain topic. When a student is working on an exploratory essay, he/she might need to write a short work or a long and complicated one. While working on the exploratory type of essay, a student has to put into practice the analytical skills as well as the ability to think critically in order to highlight in detail the issue that he or she is exploring. Therefore, the main task of a student is to make the readers clearly see the problem that is being addressed and analyzed. When working on an exploratory essay, the first step is to present the issue one is trying to deal with. After a student managed to present the issue, his/her next task is to analyze it in detail and manage to propose a practical solution. A student should discuss a few possible solutions to the problem. When working on the exploratory paper, the most challenging aspect is examining many ideas.

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Exploratory Essay Basic Features

The exploratory essay has some peculiarities, and one of them is that it presents a certain question and offers a number of facts that will be helpful to find an appropriate response to it. Nonetheless, the task of this type of essay is not to give one single answer to the asked question but to provide readers with enough data about the subject that is being discussed. There is no need to say that exploratory paper is an assignment of non-fiction nature. Consequently, a writer should support the statement that was made by indisputable evidence. Besides, it is important to conduct extensive research in order to come up with a rational conclusion. A student does not necessarily have to disagree or agree with the issue that he/she is exploring. The task of the student is to illustrate all aspects that came up while working on exploratory essay. This type of assignment is basically aimed to help its readers learn some new facts about certain topic, rather than prove to them some points.

The aim of the exploratory essay is to:

  • Focus on the key points and research them in detail.
  • Evaluate the knowledge of students on the given subject.
  • Provide readers with a general outline of the subject under study and communicate to the readers unknown facts.
  • Assist the readers in understanding the writer’s opinion. The essay is meant to be written in the tone that is convincing to the readers.
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What is the Main Purpose of an Exploratory Essay?

When a student is working on such an assignment, he/she needs to offer readers different points of view on the topic under discussion. Certainly, a student will be focused on examining one single fact. Nevertheless, he/she should also initiate a discussion about essay’s main idea and this discussion is meant to be wide-ranging.

Purpose of an Exploratory Essay

When working on an exploratory essay, try to keep in mind these points:

  1. Present the main idea of the essay.
  2. Illustrate why the subject is important.
  3. Does the written essay offer valuable data on the topic?
  4. Why should the subject under examination be interesting to the readers? What are the reasons?
  5. The essay should be logically built and coherent. The readers will easily understand the central idea.

Exploratory Essay Format

An exploratory essay is meant to reflect the way the writer investigated the assigned subject. It is supposed to contain some detailed information on the performed research (the reason why the writer chose a topic, the methods and sources used to help in gathering the data). An exploratory essay is meant to perform a deep analysis of the matter discussed.

Introduction Paragraph

In the introductory paragraph, a student has to inform his/her readers about the problem that will be discussed and the results that he/she expected to obtain. This paragraph is meant to provide the basic facts on the issue highlighted and explain its significance. Also, it is important to make it clear how the raised question can interest the readers. The writer needs to discuss the main causes of the existing problem, as well as its historical background. It is also advisable to indicate the sources that were used to research the given topic.

Remember to include the following:

  • The issues’ prerequisites;
  • The impact of this issue on people;
  • The reason the issue is serious;
  • Feasible solutions to the problem;
  • The problem’s consequences.

Body of the Essay

Details to the subject that is being explored should be provided. The student has to state undeniable facts that are related to the chosen topic and to provide the opinions of various researchers on the chosen subject. In the essay, each paragraph has to analyze one of the sources that are used to discuss the central idea. It is important for the writer to state the reason why the data is helpful to highlight the issue. Also, it is important to mention the possible solutions that the writer came up with in the course of research process. The essay’s body paragraphs are meant to do the following:

  • Present information on the sources from the reference list, i.e. the author, the title, the publisher, and publishing date, etc. Explain why the source was used while writing a paper.
  • Provide the main arguments that are related to the subject.
  • Explain how the data is helpful in analyzing the problem.
  • State the details about the matter in question, so readers will understand the main point.
  • Come up with a convincing statement that will catch the attention of your readers.
  • The examined question has to be clearly outlined.
  • State your opinion regarding the efficiency of the sources used. Has the collected information in any way changed your opinion about the issue under analysis? Make a smooth transition after analyzing each source.

The Conclusion

This part of the essay is meant to restate the question examined and sum up the facts that were presented. Therefore, a conclusion is meant to present the information about the scholars who studied the chosen issue or dilemma and a short overview of the possible solutions.

The process of writing an exploratory paper requires students to conduct comprehensive research related to the subject. One of the main goals is to persuade readers and share personal point of view regarding the discussed topic. Strong arguments are the key to success and high grades. Therefore, both you and your readers will be able to learn much new information about the issue. Lastly, while preparing an exploratory essay, it is important to remember that researching the addressed issue is the main thing to be focused on.

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Free Exploratory Essay Sample on Stem Cell Research

Stem cells refer to the body cells found in human or animals capable of developing into numerous and different cells during the early stages of growth and development. According to Holland, such cells are essential to the body because they can divide whenever there is need for cell replacement without getting exhausted. Stem cells have two specific characteristics, “are unspecialized cells capable of undergoing renewal after a long period of time and second, can be induced under certain conditions to produce specialized cells such as tissues or organs” . Scientists have identified and studied two types of stem cells; embryonic stem cells and adult/somatic stem cells. In Monro, Miller and Tobis’s view, important role and the unique characteristics displayed by stem cells, have promoted their usage in exploring research on treatment of various diseases through a process known as Stem Cell Research. Therefore Stem Cell Research is the study of fundamental cells which in most cases develop into organisms by growing the cells and testing their properties in the laboratory. However, stem cell research has been met with mixed reactions by people in all walks of life such as ethics, science, politics, and religious.

Political, Scientific, Religious, and Ethical View on Stem Cell Research

Scientific View: -Scientists support Stem Cell Research because of its medical benefits.  Scientifically, stem cells are said to be relevant in regenerative medicine and therapeutic cloning. Most of the diseases that are likely to be cured by stem cells are those that are considered to pose problem to humanity. Such diseases include “Alzheimer’s, Heart, birth defects, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and replacement of damaged tissues”. As such, Scientists cite that, exploring Stem Cell Research could offer better treatment and restore the dream of good health to humanity.

In particular, scientists have isolated stem cells found in cord blood to perform certain vital experiments. These experiments are what have helped in the understanding and predicting various processes involved in cell development and human growth. Similarly, scientists have obtained adult stem cells (IPSCs) from blood, cord blood, and skin to treat various diseases. Most scientists are pro-life and therefore argue that cells such as adult stem cells and uniparental should be used for research without fear because they are not “individual living beings” …Read more

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