Informal Essay

Many people like writing down all their ideas and events in a diary, which gives them a chance to read their handwritten texts and recall memorable ideas. Some people like to share their opinions in different blogs and posts on the web, which has become a very popular activity among different groups of people. Moreover, creating a blog can be a very good option of enhancing one’s critical and analytical abilities in writing. Creating blogs is associated with informal writing and some people find it a bit challenging to switch to this mode of writing. People tend to read formal pieces of writing rather frequently – academic papers, reports, leaflets, journals, newspapers, etc., whereas each paper reflects its structure and purpose of writing.

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The Basics of Informal Essay

Informal essays are also associated with personal essays, which are written to reflect one’s opinions and thoughts. As a writer, you will not manage to find very specific and strict rules that will specify informal writing. While working on your informal essay, you can rely much on your imagination and creativity rather than specific requirements. Some students like to include fantastic content in their informal essays. The most important point in this piece of writing is an ability to talk directly to the reader. It will give you a chance to create a lively atmosphere and conversational writing style. However, even if there are no rigid rules about informal essays, they have to create a clear structure and composition.

Informal papers are also compared with a response to a specific topic, but it does not imply that it should be a free flow of ideas on the chosen issue. For sure, a writer is not supposed to be meticulous about every sentence structure and length of a paragraph, but still they should be clearly organized. Therefore, before writing a paper, please make sure you create an outline of the whole paper. It should include all major points that will be extended in your informal essay.

Informal papers presume a persuasive manner of writing and subjectivity of ideas. Moreover, students often rely on humor to amuse their readers and make a piece of writing memorable. Every informal essay should be focused on one particular issue, which means that you should explore one subject matter only (not to mislead your readers). Still, one can explore the issue from multiple perspectives, which will show that you are competent in the topic. As you can see, informal writing refers to one’s expression of ideas, but they should be arranged under one topic.

Style of Informal Essays

In comparison with other academic papers, you do not have to write your informal essay in a highly formal manner. However, your sentences should be free of grammar and logical mistakes. If your task allows, you can rely on idioms, colloquial phrases, abstract words, etc. Remember that you will succeed in writing an informal essay only if your paper reflects a clear idea. Your paper can be formatted according to any citation style, if your professor did not assign any specific formatting requirements. While writing an informal essay, please pay attention to the following elements:


Most of essays include five paragraphs. The basic components are an introductory paragraph, main body, and conclusion. In terms of informal writing, it is preferable to follow this format, but still you are not obliged to follow common academic writing rules. You are free to arrange your ideas in the manner you like, but be sure that it complies with the assigned requirements. Moreover, there is no specific rule pertaining to the word count limits. However, many teachers do not like to read extensive papers with too many ideas in one essay. Therefore, the number of words should be just appropriate to express your main idea, not going off the track.

A Manner of Writing

Students state that writing formal essays is more difficult, which remains a primary reason why they adore working on informal papers. Since informal essays are similar to personal papers, they may sound as if you are telling a story. A writer may use personal pronouns “I,” “you,” “we,” which should be excluded from formal essays. Moreover, one can use interjections, short expressions, shortenings of basic sentence structures, idiomatic expressions, etc. If you have to write an informal essay, simply imagine that you are writing a letter to your friend. It will give you a hint what type of vocabulary should be chosen.

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Audience and Readers

If you want to impress your readers, you must know who your audience might be. For sure, informal essays do not have a clear purpose of writing (e.g. to inform, analyze, evaluate, compare and contrast). Still, informal papers are personal in their nature, meaning that you should provoke positive feelings. Remember that readers get bored and confused, if a writer explores dramatic events that provoke only sympathetic emotions. Even if you explore some negative events in your life, be sure to sound enthusiastic in the end. Do not make the same mistake by thinking that one should not have a clear topic before writing an informal essay. Informal papers have nothing to do with free writing. You will have to write about yourself, what happened to you, etc., but it should be neatly organized to surprise your audience.

Here is a small list of topics that many students explore in informal papers:

  • What does leadership mean to me?
  • How to explain the notion of “successful marriage”?
  • What does a “perfect parent” mean to me?
  • Happiness and its boundaries.
  • How to avoid pitfalls in everyday life?
  • Teenagers against their parents: How to reach agreement?

Structural Features

Informal essays are compared to storytelling. For this reason, informal papers remain completely different from other home assignments that students have to submit on a regular basis. In informal papers, do not include long paragraphs. Instead, structure your ideas briefly and concisely. The tone of your writing should be informal and relaxed, which can be achieved with the usage of simple vocabulary. Include several paragraphs in your paper, but do not forget about a catchy introduction and a summarizing conclusion.

Here are some hints and suggestions for your essay:


Stages of Writing

  1. Think about a topic.
  2. Create an outline/plan of your informal essay.
  3. Extend your outline into full paragraphs.
  4. Use simple vocabulary in your writing.
  5. Make a logical and explicit conclusion to leave a sense of closure.

Think carefully about your possible readers and if the chosen topic will suit their needs. Pay close attention to the details (do not make your paper uninteresting or too funny). Selecting the golden means should remain the key rule while writing.

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