Non plagiarized essays are valued in academic surroundings as they demonstrate a student’s originality of thinking as well as creative approach to writing. Plagiarism is an act of copying some idea, concept, opinion, conversation, phrase, a piece of writing or some other type of intellectual property from some other person and claiming that it is yours. As such, when we refer to plagiarism in academic surroundings, it mainly denotes taking some part of others’ research, study, idea, phrase and presenting it as your own one. To put it simply, any kind of information included in your paper that is taken from the Internet or some outside sources is considered plagiarized if it is not properly cited. It is perfectly normal to refer to some research evidence, ideas, studies, etc. but if those thoughts were not formulated on your own, and then you must necessarily cite them in text. If you use in-text citations in your paper, it is required to provide a reference list or a bibliography page because simply listing the sources after the body of your paper is not enough. You need to present it properly by indicating all details about the full name of the authors, the full title of the work, the year of publication, the place of publication, and any other details needed. If a student fails to provide the reference list or properly format a quotation or citation, it means that the academic paper will be considered as plagiarized.

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Plagiarism is strictly frowned upon by many people, particularly professors in educational establishments since students plagiarize papers in order not to work on their own. They use formerly written papers for their own advantage with the sole aim to get a good grade. However, plagiarism detected in academic papers is not always a sign of a student’s mischief or cunning nature to pretend the work is original. Plagiarism can also be unintentional when a student simply forgets to properly cite the material or when some wording coincides with the general phrases used formerly by the other people. In the world of academic writing, plagiarism is considered to be a fraudulent activity. Due to the fact that students can find virtually any type of information online, plagiarism has become a really widespread problem in the modern world.

Plagiarism Is an Acute Problem

Plagiarism is a problem since it is a way of cheating that many students tend to be involved in when studying. Non plagiarized essays have become more rare nowadays than some years ago. They are valued and students who always write papers from scratch get higher grades. Another negative aspect of plagiarism is that it does not only lead to poor academic performance but also to stained reputation. Moreover, for students frequently involved in copying & pasting, plagiarizing becomes a kind of an addiction when they cannot provide any single paper without copying information from the outside sources.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

If you use some information from outside sources and wonder how to avoid plagiarism, remember that you have to either paraphrase the information and mention the source or present it in the form of a direct quote and properly format the citation. As such, try to follow these rules and provide non plagiarized essays for your academic subjects.

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