Why I am choosing to Join Ohio State University

Joining Ohio State University has always been my vision. Having been an enthusiast of one of the best Public University in United States, and in the world as well, I have been persistently doing intensive fact-finding to establish why the university has achieved so much in education as well as in research fields. As a result, I can readily say that my decision to join Ohio State University is well found.

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First, the extensive learning facilities in the university are of world class. Any learner would appreciate the institution’s library facility, research resources, science laboratories, lecture rooms with ample learning atmosphere, the teaching staff, health facilities, counseling department, recreational and intramurals, organizational and leadership development programs, among others. The presence of learning resources coupled with expert teaching staff enables the student to think “outside-the-box” and hence nurture creativity. This is what I look forward to at Ohio State University; a learning setting that is serene and interesting. Another aspect that makes Ohio State University standout from most universities across the world is the diversity of people at the center. From the student body to the teaching staff, all come from diverse social-cultural and economic backgrounds. Just as Tasha, a student in the university says, taking a program in the university is no doubt rewarding. She says “I have met numerous people at Ohio State, peers and professors, that have enriched my life and made my educational experience rewarding.”

Other things that the university is offering that I think are valuable to a student include the students’ book publication, a newspaper, a student-run FM radio station and a TV, the Ohio State University Marching Band and other numerous programs. All these make the university a dream learning center for every student to nurture his career.

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