It’s not easy to get into law school. Those who have managed to do this, try to achieve high academic performance and earn an excellent reputation. Naturally, every law school student wants to write a perfect law essay and get high grades. Still, there is no strictly established scheme by following which you can get the desired result. Requirements may vary depending on your school and the type of essay assigned. 

However, experienced law essay writers know that adhering to the basic principles of law essay writing will help to achieve good results and avoid typical mistakes.

In this article, professional writers reveal the principles of writing great legal essays. You will also find out where students hire reliable custom writers and how to safely get an individually prepared academic paper. 

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Key Signs of a Perfect Law Essay

An essay, highly graded by the professor, always contains strong argumentation and legal analysis. The thesis statement of such a paper summarises the central argument clearly and distinctly in one or two sentences. As a rule, these papers aim to resolve a specific legal controversy. It is more than simply applying the law to facts. Thus, the student should know how to be persuasive and present strong arguments, at the same time rebutting those of the opponents. In other words, the knowledge of the law should be used to resolve the legal controversy. 

Essential Components of a Strong Essay

Look through the elements of a good legal essay to know what to consider when creating your masterpiece.

  • A deep understanding of the legal case or controversy
  • Focus on the issues to be resolved
  • Attention to meaningful details
  • Correct understanding of the appropriate legal frameworks and application of relevant laws
  • Proper structure of the document
  • Strong and logical thesis statement
  • Legal arguments that are based on proper research and supported by citations from relevant cases, statutes, journal articles, treaties
  • Proper use of quotations and correct referencing
  • Logicality and clarity of the written text.

Of course, it’s not easy to deliver a brilliant paper without proper experience and a good law essay example. This is where law essay help from professional writers comes in handy. 

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Our Guarantees and Services

Every customer who comes to us to purchase a law essay or any other type of academic paper benefits from cooperating with us. Ordering a paper you can be sure that:

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  • A free revision option is available to every client. You can ask your writer to make the needed corrections free of charge within two days after the order is delivered. 

Thus, turning to a legit law essay writing service for help is the right solution for those students who cannot bear the burden of essay writing or have no time to complete the task.

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Common Mistakes in Legal Essays To Avoid

If you are determined to create an essay on your own, before you start writing, you need to understand what to avoid in your paper.

  1. Disproportionately long or short sections and elliptical sentences. Every paragraph should be no longer than one standard page. Still, it should not be shorter than four sentences. Always write in full sentences. Of course, the use of a bulleted list in a law essay is unacceptable.
  2. Informal and colloquial language. While the statements should be clear and simple, you should not use any colloquialisms, dialectical phrases, or slang. You should use an academic style of writing.
  3. Unnecessary jargonisms. of course, you are to use the language of legislation. Still, if a specific word has a commonly used synonym, it is always better to use this common word. Be reasonable in your choice of words. Do not try to look smarter than you are.
  4. Mistakes in citing and referencing legal resources. Read your instructions carefully. The professor should have mentioned the formatting style you are to use in your paper. You may be asked to utilize the APA, Oxford, or Bluebook citation style.
  5. The use of unreliable sources and claims not backed up with citations. In legal writing, any argument you put forward should be supported with appropriate citation. The source should be relevant and credible. All sources in your paper should be relevant to the issue under discussion. You don’t need to overload your essay with many sources.
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12 Steps to Craft a Perfect Law Essay

  1. Start as Early as Possible

    This is important. As soon as you are given an assignment, start working on it. You cannot write a great essay in law without proper preparation. And this takes time. More so, you will put yourself under unnecessary pressure in case you postpone this work till the last minute.

  2. Read and Analyze the Question to Understand It

    Carefully read the legal controversy and the question you are to address. Break it into sections, if needed. Do not start writing until you get a clear understanding of the issue to be resolved.

    You are not supposed to choose the side in the legal controversy right from the start. You need to carefully analyze the question to understand it first. This will allow you to shape a strong thesis statement around the presented controversy. Note that for your law essay to be successful you are to provide a good thesis/central claim, discussing and supporting it with strong legal arguments and precedents. Careful analysis of the question will allow you to avoid biases and a false understanding of the problem. You will understand what you are to do and what level of legal insight and analysis is needed to complete the task.

  3. Create Your Bank of Words

    An idea of a personal law vocabulary bank is quite simple. You are to write down the words and phrases written in textbooks and legal articles as well as those used by your professor. The process of law essay writing will be much easier if you have such a law vocabulary at hand.

  4. Conduct Your Research

    This is the most important but uneasy step in your work. In law essay writing, the information you intend to use must come from sources that are reliable, relevant, and not out of date. It is always preferable to use primary sources that are directly related to the issue under discussion. Legislation, acts, bills and legal cases are authoritative sources that will add to your paper. And vice versa, questionable sources will definitely make your arguments weak.

    Be sure to consider the materials published by judges, politicians, and lawyers – experts in the field. Avoid reading blog posts and outdated laws.

  5. Create an Outline or a Plan

    By now, you have gathered enough info to understand what to write in your paper in general. Now you need to plan what to write specifically in each section and paragraph. A wisely constructed outline or plan will help you not to get distracted and not to forget to present important facts and claims. Your plan should be question-centered. This will guarantee that your essay will answer the question asked.

  6. Craft an Introduction

    In this section, you are to highlight the purpose of your paper. Make sure to provide your thesis statement here. Present the topic in an interesting and engaging way for the audience to read the essay till the end.

  7. Include the Central Claim

    Your thesis statement is your position regarding the issue or question posed. At the same time, you should not simply agree or disagree with the statement, in case you are assigned one, or with someone else’s position. You should have solid arguments to support your point of view and to refute your opponents’ claims.

  8. Present Opposing Views

    To prove that you have researched the issue properly, you need to present views that are different from yours. At the same time, you will demonstrate that you have chosen the best position and the most appropriate solution. For this, you need to refute the arguments of your opponents. Your ultimate goal is to convince the audience to take your position.

    It is for you to decide where to present the opposing views and rebuttals. Each body paragraph should highlight a specific point that you want to make. Thus, you may want to present one specific claim of your opponents in each paragraph, offering your refutation right away. Otherwise, you may like to provide all opposing views in the last paragraph before your conclusion. The rebuttal will be presented there, too.

  9. Create Your Concluding Section

    Provide a brief summary of your arguments and restate your central claim. Clearly and concisely sum up your analysis. Note that you are not supposed to present any new info or details.

  10. Edit Your Masterpiece

    Proofread your text correcting any typos. Then, read it out loud. You will hear not only your own voice but, you will become able to detect even the tiniest logical inconsistencies. Make sure to address them. It is always a good idea to hire an expert writer to proofread and edit your paper. A specialist can detect issues not visible to an average person. Reputable online writing companies often offer proofreading, editing, and even formatting services. Professional editors always know how to format a legal essay. You just need to fill out the order form indicating the type of work needed. This will be a great law essay help for you.

  11. Submit on Time

    Do not wait until the last minute. Print out and submit your law essay before the deadline. This will protect you from a lateness penalty and deduction of grades.

  12. Make Reasonable Breaks in Work

    It is important that you take care of yourself. Taking small breaks will help you avoid overworking. This will improve the quality of your work.

    If you are already sick and tired of numerous assignments, turn to professional writers from our law essay writing service. These specialists have already helped hundreds of students from different universities and even countries. They know how to impress your professor by delivering a brilliant law essay with strong arguments and quotations from credible sources.

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How to Order Your Law Essay Online

To buy law essay that will be created from scratch in line with your professor’s instructions, you just need to make several simple steps:

  • Press the “Order” button and start filling out the form. Choose the paper type, level of writing, number of pages, and sources needed. Choose the deadline for your paper. Indicate the citation style and insert specific instructions from your tutor in the box titled “Your instructions.” Please note that we need your name and phone number so that we can call you in case your writer asks for some urgent clarifications from you. We never disclose students’ personal data to third parties.
  • Next, choose between three packages of writing services: Standard, Premium, and Supreme. Our Standard package guarantees you the high quality of a unique document, created taking into account all requirements. Meanwhile, Premium services mean that the expert with relevant qualifications will be assigned to work on this order immediately. You will be also provided with an exhaustive plagiarism report as our editor will check the essay for plagiarism. Supreme package guarantees you that one of our best 30 writers specializing in your field will complete the assignment. 
  • You may also want to “ask” the writer whose work you like best to work on your order.  This step is optional. Still, if you have saved the ID of the specialist who worked on one of your previous papers, you can indicate it in the special field. Thus, the preferred writer will take on this task.
  • As soon as you pay for the order, your professional will start working on it. Enjoy your free time while your assignment is being completed.

Our customer care agents can answer all your questions regarding your law essay or any other tasks the minute you ask them. You can send a message or email to contact them. The most convenient way is to use live chat, though.

Competitive Prices for Custom Written Essays

We truly understand who our customers are. Thus, we have made our services affordable for an average person. We do this because we want to provide reliable and inexpensive academic support to anyone who needs it. And you cannot say that you serve and help students at the same time making prices for writing services unreasonably high.

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We do everything we can to be a convenient writing service. PrimeEssays.com is a reliable writing partner committed to building long-term relationships with every client. Order a perfect law essay from us to see how good our services are.

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