University of South Carolina Essay: Information about USC 

After reading this university of South Carolina essay, you will see that this is a place with limitless opportunities. Somewhere you will both develop as a leader and graduate from with valuable marketable and real-world skills, fully prepared to participate in and contribute to the modern economy – in many ways and in a global context.

Our university of South Carolina essay shows how students who graduate from this institution go on to impact their communities in positive ways, solve complex research questions, lead businesses and organizations that implement great change, and generally advance all types of industries. Every student has a unique story, but collectively they define what it is to be one of this great university’s gamecocks.  

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Choosing a course of study and pursuing something you feel passionate about is very important. As this university of South Carolina essay reveals, this is a university where you are offered numerous degree choices – some 324 in fact – as well as innovative study programs and world-class initiatives of a global nature that are sure to help you carve out the future of your dreams. 

  • You will find top-rated programs in several disciplines such as:
  • Number One for Undergraduate Programs in International Business Studies
  • Number Three for its Program in Sports and Entertainment
  • Top-Rated Program in Tourism, Restaurant and Hotel Management
  • Top-Rated Program in Marine Science
  • Top-Rated Program in Dance Performance
  • Top-Rated Honors College in the Public University Category

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Stay Connected with Things That Matter to You 

Once their university of South Carolina application essay is accepted, some of the experiences that student have outside their classrooms can be equally important as their in-class achievements. Students here distinguish themselves on a daily basis by taking on challenges and exploring paths that will help them succeed after graduating. So where can the various paths take you?

Make a Wise Investment in Your Future Success

Apply the new skills you learn in real-life situations. In the year past, the Career Center at USC offered its students over 2,000 co-op places and internships, on top of the numerous internships offered through the different academic departments.

Excellent Support

While you are exploring what USC has to offer and trying to find the right course for your needs, it is important you get the support needed to ensure you succeed. The connection between students at USC and their professors and/or course advisors makes a great difference. The Student Advisory Center offers whatever support you need to make the transition and other resources such as the Careers Center and the Pre-Professional Advising program help students get prepared for a successful life after graduation.  

USC also has 19 special communities to support learning, each tailored to the social and academic interests of its students. These Living and Learning Communities have been rated some of the top on-site learning centers in the country by World Report and US News. From the community for business students to Carolina’s Galen Health Fellows Community, students should find an environment here to suit their interests.

Prepare for the Type of Future You Hope For

With over thirty Fortune 500 companies as well as industry and federal and state government initiatives covering everything from technology to tourism, there are endless opportunities to get experience in real-world situations that will bring you to the attention of potential employers. Almost 85% of USC students claim to have found full-time positions or were admitted to post-graduate programs soon after graduating – within a four-month period in fact.

Located in the center of the lively city of Columbia you will find the University of South Carolina. It combines the attractions of a big city with the comforts of one’s own front porch and wonderful opportunities. A number of regional and state businesses, media companies, hospitals and state government offices are also headquartered in Columbia, which means plenty opportunities for employment and internships.

Information on Application Deadlines 

Finding a good university of South Carolina essay prompt for your all-important application paper is the first step in the admissions process once you have established the timeline for submitting applications on the university’s website. Here is an example of USC deadlines:

  1. Deadline for Early Answer Applications – 21 October
  2. Deadline for Honors College Applications – 15 November
  3. Deadline for Regular Applications – 1 December
  4. Deadline for submitting credentials – 1 February

Materials Required to Support Applications 

Every freshman applicant is required to submit:

  • First-year application papers to include application fee of $65.00 
  • Self-Reported ACT and/or SAT scores
  • Non-official copy of transcript of high school record (to be uploaded as part of application)

Required Sections for Coalition Account Profile 

When learning how to get into university of South Carolina, students will find that information from Coalition profiles is used as part of the application evaluation process. Nevertheless, some sections of these profiles are not required. While sections that are not required do not prevent you applying, leaving out any section that is required does.  

Required sections include:  

  • Self-reported ACT/SAT
  • Proficiency in English (for overseas applicants and/or non-native English speakers)
  • Coursework completed during 12th grade. 

Non-required sections include:

  • Coursework completed during 9th to 11th grade
  • Subject-based tests
  • Coalition-related essay/essays 
  • Financial assistance (to established if the applicant qualifies to have their fee waived)

International Freshman Applications  

The closing date for programs that begin in August (the first semester in the fall) is 1st December for new international applicants. Credentials need to be submitted by 1st February of the year in which that semester begins. Applicants for the Honors College are required to submit their applications by 15th November, with credentials also required by the same date.  

Please refer to the requirements page for international students on the university’s website if you need further information.

Financial Assistance

A number of financial aid options are available including grants, loans and scholarships. Students with excellent grades from high school will be considered for scholarships by the Undergraduate Admissions office upon presentation of competitive ACT or SAT scores. Additional applications may be required for certain scholarships.

Other types of financial assistance come in the form of loans, grants and possible employment. The university’s financial aid personnel are sufficiently experienced to help students find the best solution for their specific circumstances.   

A calculator is provided to help you work out the likely cost of USC attendance. 

  • Use the calculator to get a net cost quote 
  • 90% of students receive financial assistance
  • 54% of graduates have no loan commitment

Overall cost of attending USC during fall and spring semesters in year 2017 to 2018:

  • Tuition fees at USC 
  1. Tuition for non-resident students = $32,208
  2. Tuition for resident students = $12,198
  • Estimated cost of fees, room and board 
  1. Non-residents of SC = $12,200 
  2. Residents of SC = $12,200

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