How to Write a Perfect Process Essay Quickly

At first, you should understand that a process essay is different from all other essays in the sense that it explains, either

  • how something operates, or
  • how something can be done, cooked, organized, etc.

In either case, it is all about the process leading to some desired or predetermined result.

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Describing how Something should be Done

In this process essay, you will have to describe the process of doing something. The whole essay should be written so that anyone reading it could repeat the process and do what you describe in your work. For example, you may want to describe the following processes:

  • Repairing a chair
  • Looking for a new Internet friend
  • Growing up a tree
  • Designing a cheap and interesting traveling route for your family

Describing how Something Operates

In this process essay, you will need to inform your readers about how something works. There is no need to describe steps for doing something or making it work. Rather, the focus is on developing a better understanding of different processes in your readers. For example:

  • How photosynthesis occurs
  • How presidents are elected
  • How parliaments vote for various policies
  • How Hollywood movies are made


Any process essay must begin with an introduction. It must provide readers with the basic information about the problem to be considered in it. Although process essays are different from other essays, it is still essential that the introduction include a strong thesis statement. It must be included at the end of the introduction. For example, if you are describing how some school program works and what advantages it offers to children in terms of their academic achievement, you may design your thesis specifying the program, its main components, and its results. Sometimes you may include examples that will illustrate the principal aspects of your paper.

Writing an Introduction:

As you are starting to write your process essay, you will need to clarify the problem and outline its main features. You can follow the example below to create a remarkable introduction:

“A couple of weeks ago, Sarah approached her mother telling her that her grades had become too low, and she could no longer conceal that. The end of the school semester was quite close, and she hoped that her mother, an educated scientist, would help her reverse the situation. Apart from making their homeworks together, Sarah and her mother engaged in a school program for troubled students. The following are the four stages of the program a student must pass to improve his or her grades:

Body Paragraphs

You must create and follow an outline, so that you do not miss a single aspect of the process you are describing. In addition, if you are writing about how something should be done, you must include a list of materials and describe the equipment needed to complete the process. As you are writing the body paragraphs, get back to the draft of your paper, review and analyze what you have written to make sure that everything is correct and can be easily understood.

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Writing Body Paragraphs

No matter what process you are describing, your process essay must have at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence. In the topic sentence describe the next step of the process and then elaborate on it. For example,
“The second stage of the academic achievement program is providing students with emotional support to help them raise their confidence. In other words, program counselors work with children individually or in groups to help them improve their self-esteem and overcome fears, as they are trying to improve their learning results.”


In most cases, conclusion essays echo the information provided in the introduction. Process essays are not an exception. The concluding paragraph should remind the reader what the whole essay was all about and what purpose it has accomplished. It is always good to revisit the main steps of the process described in the body paragraphs. It will also be good to warn the readers of any unintended consequences to which the process may lead. Use the concluding paragraph as an opportunity to remind the readers of how they can improve the process or can contribute to it. If the process is dangerous, it is better to convince the readers that they should not repeat it. “Next time you notice that your daughter is becoming an academic underachiever, choose any similar school program and follow the same steps to help her improve her results.”


A perfect process essay is impossible without transitions. However, these should be used thoroughly and wisely. Do not ignore punctuation. Do not ignore grammar and spelling. Transitions should link different steps into a cohesive process, so that any reader can make it real.

  • At first
  • Second,
  • Then, you
  • Before you move onto the next stage
  • Now that you have done it, …
  • Finally…

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