Recently, I had a serious back pain that was caused by my engagement in sporting activities. It required me to seek services of a competent physical therapist. I sought the services of Chinese physical therapist who was well acquainted with my condition. He devoted himself to try to cure my serious back pain. He eventually managed to cure me, and I drew some inspirations from his work. I was greatly influenced and had personal interest in his therapeutic work. I realized that this line of work gave him great joy of knowing that he had made the life of a sportsperson better. Therefore, I decided that it was vital for me to join this industry and become a sport therapist. After consulting with a few friends and researching about the available university courses, I was fascinated by the Exercise Science and Sport Studies program offered by Rutgers University. I feel that this program will enable me to attain my career goals and make a difference in the lives of many people.

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I am greatly impressed by this program offered by Rutgers University

A closer consideration of my future career indicates that it is vital for me to enroll for this sport studies program. The university has an expansive campus with students from mixed races; hence, it would be beneficial for me to interact with this kind of people. I love interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and learning more about their cultures. I strongly believe that this will enrich my communication skills and enhance my career goals. This is essential to my career since I will be offering therapeutic services to the patients from diverse cultures. Clearly, the program offered by Rutgers University is fantastic and impresses me.

I strongly believe that the program proposed by the university offers me a golden opportunity to further my career goals. My main goal has always been to acquire better education and to apply it in the practical world. Therefore, I believe that Rutgers University will help me to achieve this particular goal. For example, I would learn key concepts regarding offering therapeutic services. Furthermore, I will enhance my practical skills whereby I am in a better position to help a friend who has suffered an injury during a sports event. I also believe I will attain personal accomplishment once I am listed as a student of this well-regarded university. People will learn to respect me when they realize I am a student of Rutgers University. Primarily, people treat an individual according to the type of educational institution he/she attends. Hence, it is important for me to enroll at the Rutgers University.

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Furthermore, I believe that Rutgers University will enable me to attain my professional goals

The university is internationally recognized for offering quality education to its students from various parts of the world. Some of the students come from far-flung corners of the world, such as Africa and Asia, justifying the fact that the university is among the best. Importantly, I would be able to create a professional network with my fellow classmates from different parts of the world. Its diversity offers great opportunities for students like me to pursue their personal professional goals. I have always desired to deal with people from diverse cultures; thus, the university will help to fulfill my desires. Evidently, I am extremely passionate about the sports studies program and I strongly believe that this will define my future career. It is worthwhile to note that Rutgers University will offer me the right tools to achieve my career goals and lead me to a successful career life.

In conclusion, Rutgers University will offer me a great opportunity to advance my career goals and attain personal enrichment. The experience that I will get from studying at this university will be valuable. Notably, I hope to successfully pass all my examinations and graduate with a degree in Expert Science and Sport Studies. Ultimately, this degree from the prestigious Rutgers University will definitely satisfy my personal goals and make me a better person than before I joined the university.

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