There are several reasons why I decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. First, I conducted a thorough research and came to a conclusion that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is recognized as one of the top educational establishments of the United States. Second, I come from the United Arab Emirates and one day, I would like to return to my country and serve it and help it to become more technologically advanced. I am aware that in order to achieve this goal, I need to attend a very good university and receive high quality education in the field of mechanical engineering. Lastly, I believe that studies in the University of Wisconsin-Madison will make my future employment possibilities more promising and will play an instrumental role in helping me to find a job with a good company.

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I would very much like to take advantage of academic, extracurricular and research opportunities offered by the University. For example, I would be interested to find out more about the research opportunities that the Engine Research Center, the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, and the Physical Sciences Laboratory offer. Since I am interested in mechanical engineering, I would like to take advantage of courses that would help me to obtain expertise and become highly educated in this field of knowledge. Among extracurricular opportunities, I would like to participate in the politics-related extracurricular activities.

I believe that my extracurricular involvement will depend on the availability of free time (time that is not occupied by studies) and how comfortable I will feel about participating in those activities. My academic performance will depend on my inner drive to study and being purpose-driven and self-motivated. I hope that high quality teaching and great educational opportunities that the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers will enhance academic achievement and facilitate better academic outcomes on my part.

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