Very soon, your daughter, younger brother, or a cousin will walk at the big stage to get their diploma. Of course, you want to tell them the warmest words to motivate them. You know that the word is the greatest weapon and your words left on the graduation card may greatly encourage the person. But what to write in a graduation card? Many people get stuck because they cannot find the right words to express their pride and admiration. If you lack the writing inspiration and find it difficult to create the right message, you may check our suggestions. We have collected many heartfelt messages to help you get started. If you present these words along with some unforgettable gift, this day will turn into the best day of the life of your graduate.

So, what to tell a graduate? In our article, we have collected many original wishes, quotes, messages, and saying that will work perfectly for the person who has just graduated from high school or college. It does not mean that you should just copy and paste these ideas to your graduation card but you can definitely use them for getting some inspiration and creating your own wishes. Write a unique message and show your deep affection to the graduate you love. Wishing them good luck, continued success, and broadening new horizons, you will make a very good thing. We assure you that the graduates desperately need some comforting and encouraging words to believe in themselves.

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Short Graduation Messages

It is hard to underestimate the role of social media in human life. As such, if you want to send some short messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, you are very welcome. Below, you will find the list of graduation sentiments that can be a basis for your messages:

  • My congratulations!
  • I am sure you are glad that your exams are finally over!
  • Great job, Billy! We are so proud of you!
  • I am so eager to get to see you graduate!
  • So, you are done with your studies. What`s next?
  • You should be proud of yourself. Now, it`s time to enjoy your summer!
  • I am very proud of you, girl! You deserve only the best!
  • Phase one: completed! Our congratulations!
  • Do you know that pursuing your dreams is the best you can do for yourself?
  • You are destined for amazing things!
  • Sending love and warm thoughts from our family!
  • Keep being so determined and you will reach everything you want!
  • I am very glad to see that your diligent work is rewarded;
  • Congrats! I am so proud of you, my dear!
  • My congratulations on your big day! You should know that you were made for great things!
  • You were born to become successful!


The famous people have already created the quotes you may include in your graduation card. Use some of them to strengthen your message:

  • “Try to become a person of wisdom, instead of being a person of success.” (Albert Einstein);
  • “Education is the greatest weapon you can use to change the society you live in” (Nelson Mandela);
  • “The person who graduates today but quits learning tomorrow will be not educated the day after tomorrow” (Newton D. Baker);
  • “Be yourself. Be passionate. Be creative.” (Michelle Obama)

Of course, you may find a lot of inspiring quotes on the web. The thing is that you should not simply copy and paste these quotes but you should add them to your own words.

Graduation Card Messages

  1. Dear Monica! You have achieved a significant milestone! Congratulations and good luck!
  2. As you graduate from college today, we would like to wish you the best in your future endeavors. Well done, Johnny!
  3. Your dad and I are so glad you graduated from college with flying colors. We are wishing you many other great achievements in the future. Keep going, sweetie!
  4. Dear Cousin, your graduation is a great accomplishment. Believe in yourself and achieve our goals!
  5. Congratulations on your graduation, Bob. Your uncle John and I are proud of your amazing achievements, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.
  6. You have graduated today and it is the time to have a celebration. Let`s make a party!
  7. Now that you have graduated, do not be afraid to continue to strive for excellence.
  8. Dear Beverly, your success is worth celebrating! You deserve the best wishes!
  9. You finally made it. Now, it is time to live your life your way. Believe me, your life gets even more interesting!
  10. One more milestone is achieved today. Lots of best wishes!
  11. I wish you a blissful future, my friend. Now that you have graduated, I am certain that many great opportunities are just around the corner.
  12. Congratulations on your great achievement! Let me commend your brilliant performance. I wish you a joyous future!
  13. Today, it is just half of the battle. Keep working hard and you will reach your cherished dreams!
  14. May all your wishes come true! Just know that your achievement is remarkable!
  15. Let yourself shine today! You are an example for your younger brother, Christina. Your dad would be very proud of you!


  • Do you know what makes your graduation so special to me? I watched when you grew up. I remember how you shared your first emotions and feelings with me, and I know what challenges you had to overcome to stay here. You did it, my girl, and I am very proud of you!
  • I close my eyes and remember the sweet child, who just came back from school telling me about your first experiences. I hold your hand in mine and imagine that I hold the hand of that kid, inspired, positive, and passionate. I will always remember the amazing stories from your school. Whenever you need my help or support, you can always turn to me. My congratulations!
  • They say that time flies. Yes, it is true but it helps us become stronger and more mature. When I see that the little girl I used to know became a beautiful lady, who wants to dedicate her life to caring and supporting other people, my heart is filling with happiness. Be what you want to be and believe in yourself. I will always be somewhere around;
  • From your childhood and to this day, you helped your parents to hold their heads up in pride. Congratulations and good luck!


  • Today, you are at the very beginning of your way. Remember that only those people, who are passionate about what they do, determined, and goal-oriented, can reach their goals. Good luck in all your endeavors!
  • Your way to success will include a lot of obstacles and challenges. However, we are certain that you will be able to pass them with dignity. You are very strong and ambitious to reach success in any area. So, keep going!
  • Today is the time when you need to reconsider all your values and understand that all the doors are open before your eyes! The wonderful adventures are waiting for you!
  • Of course, chasing a dream requires passion, hard work, and sacrifice. However, you are the one, who can reach all the personal and professional goals!

Messages for the Graduates with Honors

If the educational institution of your graduate has an honors system, make sure to mention that in your card. So, what to write in a graduation card of the valedictorian? Actually, you can write the things mentioned above, however, keep in mind that the high level of your graduate should definitely be praised on the card:

  • It is not easy to graduate with honors. However, you are not the one who can give up. Keep going, girl!
  • So, what does it feel to graduate being at the top of the class? I bet it feels great. Have fun!
  • Graduating with honors is impossible without hard work. However, you managed to prove to yourself and to everybody that you are the best. My congratulations!
  • You have read hundreds of books and wrote hundreds of papers. Now, it`s time to understand what to do next. It is truly great to see you graduate as a valedictorian.

All in all, we do hope that our suggestions will help you understand what to write in a graduation card. The secret is pretty simple – be honest with the graduate and tell them something that will help them feel proud. Graduation is a truly significant part of the life of every individual. If you would like to support your close person, you need to find the most comforting words. Remember that your words will have a great influence on this person. So, try not to write anything that can disappoint or discourage the graduate.

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