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Have you ever wanted to be able to remember the most ordinary things and details with no effort and simply comprehend the new ones?

Everybody would wish that! Your brain needs to be kept acute and active if you really want to unlock its full potential. It won’t appear from anything like a flash. Does it need to be mentioned that watching mindless television shows won’t help either? Stop wasting your time on the things that don’t matter and are useless at all, instead increase your memory and boost your brain power!

How to Improve Your Memory & Brainpower

Let’s look through the ways of how to boost brain power:

Keep your body moving.

Exercising your body, you at the same time are exercising your brain. Obesity and overweight are the bitter enemies of your brain, as they may cause a great harm to it. It’s scientifically proven that the lack of regular exercise leads to the disability of blood vessels to effectively pump blood; plaque buildup, in its turn, leads to heart attacks. How to make your brain function clockwork? Get moving every single day, even a brief walk is an excellent activity that will improve your mental acuity.

No stress.

The anxiety or anger cause stress. A bit later, it will start damaging the parts of the brain, which are responsible for your memory. Among the worst enemies of your brain is depression, as it leads to the inability to concentrate and as a result to forgetting things. Everyone needs to be on the lookout, as a prolonged depression kills your brain’s ability to remember anything new. If you are suffering from it, make sure to get a professional help if you don’t want your brain to suffer.

Don’t skimp on fats.

A long-term memory needs a healthy mix of fats, fish (especially wild salmon, mackerel, and anchovies) and dark leafy green vegetables. You need to feed your brain healthy with foods and fats, as there is no nutrition value in deep-fried foods either for your body or for your brain.

Visualize the information.

Visual concepts are really helpful, simply visualize the information you are trying to remember. A mental image or your own figure or chart help to group related ideas, which makes the process of remembering much easier.

Trying all these tips, keep in mind to have a proper sleep. Take a nap during a day and have a healthy breakfast, stay physically and mentally active.