Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Tips for using these cause and effect essay topics to create a winning essay:

  • If you are just learning the art of writing a cause and effect essay, you may use one of the topics from the list below to create a winning paper.  
  • You can use any of the ideas as they are or you can reword them to suit your own situation or circumstances.  
  • Using our excellent cause and effect essay ideas, your paper will appear professional, logical and well organized.
  • As you are writing your essay, place the question at the beginning of the first paragraph because this will show your readers what you are writing about.
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Education Topics

  1. Are children’s relationships with each other affected within the classroom by ADHD diagnosis?
  2. If computers were to replace textbooks, could the quality of learning and student results be improved?
  3. Is there a link between standardized school tests and the number of student dropouts?
  4. Can learning be made more interesting through the use of various technologies?
  5. Is bullying in US schools affected either way by current bullying policies?
  6. Why do you think school is considered boring by such a large number of students?
  7. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages for children who are schooled at home?
  8. In what way is the learning environment changed by open school or open college campuses?
  9. Is the academic status and success of a student influenced in any way where they are considered ‘gifted?’
  10. Can a student’s results be improved by all-year-round schooling?
  11. Is a student’s academic success affected in any way if they spend more time attending school?
  12. What makes some schools unable to deliver good results?
  13. Are results affected in any way when children attend single-sex schools?
  14. How is the quality of classroom learning influenced by the fine arts?
  15. Where students are required to wear school uniforms, how does their perception of the learning environment change?
  16. How is learning impacted by teacher burnout?
  17. Can student results be improved where parents get involved in the learning and classroom process?
  18. Do magnet-status schools have any motivational impact on the overall education system?
  19. Does physical exercise/training have any impact on student performance in the classroom?
  20. How are students affected if or when they underachieve academically?
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History-Related Topics

Here are some more ideas for our cause and effect essay topics list:

  1. How were the lives of all Jewish people irrevocably altered by the Second World War?
  2. How did the Colombian drug wars start?
  3. How has the social status of women been changed by globalization?
  4. What events led to the devastating attacks of 9/11?
  5. Why did feminism increase in the 1960s and continue in popularity through the 70s?
  6. How did colonialism come into being and what was its influence worldwide?
  7. In what ways has colonialism altered Britain’s political status at a global level?
  8. How is the economic wellbeing of any country influenced by immigration?
  9. What is the history of totalitarianism, as it exists in North Korea?
  10. Thinking of the Civil War, what were the key factors that caused it?
  11. How did the American Revolution change the USA and what caused it?
  12. What legacy has the USA inherited from slavery and how does this affect the different population groups in the country?
  13. How has the US education system been changed by the GI Bill?
  14. How were the lives of those who lived in the Roman Empire influenced by Christianity?
  15. How is trade promoted by the Internet?
  16. What led to the USA’s illegal immigration problem?
  17. How have civilian populations been affected by US counterinsurgency operations?
  18. How were the lives of WWII veterans affected by their participation?
  19. How was the world’s social and economic development influenced by printing?
  20. What led to the Arab Spring and how has it affected the world in the long-term?
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Medical Subjects

Most people have an interest in medicine and medical topics so here are a few more topics for cause and effect essay assignments:

  1. Even when people know they have health problems, why do you think they delay consulting a physician?
  2. Why are the authorities failing to eradicate illnesses that are infectious?
  3. Why are the numbers of overweight people and rates of obesity continuing to increase in the USA?
  4. What causes people to have strokes?
  5. How are infectious disease made more prevalent and generally influenced by climate change?
  6. How does the wearing of dental braces affect one’s relationships and social life?
  7. What causes blindness in such a large number of people?
  8. What causes a great many parents to leave their children unvaccinated?
  9. Why is it that such a large number of nurses and physicians are overweight?
  10. Why is there such an increase in the number of autistic children?
  11. How has public health been affected by globalization?
  12. What are thought to be the primary causes of cancer?
  13. What is the cause of the ever-growing AIDS/HIV epidemic in Africa?
  14. What incentives cause people to lead healthy lives?
  15. How are the reproductive systems of women affected by contraceptive pills?
  16. How is individual and public health affected by lack of medical insurance?
  17. How is the health of an individual affected by stress?
  18. Why are the numbers and types of allergic reactions growing in every part of the world?
  19. How is the health of individuals impacted by technologies such as smart phones and tablet devices?
  20. How is mental health affected by physical exercise/activity?
  21. How much more successful has cancer treatment become as a result of research?
  22. How is a woman’s childbearing ability affected by abortion?
  23. Why are an increasing number of people willing to look beyond conventional medicine for treatments for various ailments?
  24. How is a person’s oral health impacted by an annual visit to their dentist?
  25. How is an individual’s health impacted if or when they fail to comply with a course of treatment that has been prescribed for them?
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Relationship-Related Topics

Here is our list of cause and effect essay topics about relationship matters:

  1. Why are such a large number of men reluctant to enter into relationships of the more permanent type?
  2. How are inter-family relationships changed by vacationing together?
  3. How are the sexual relationships between men and women impacted by abortion?
  4. What are the primary reasons for such high divorce rates?
  5. When it comes to building family relationships, are the offspring of divorced parents affected in any way that is different from the children of non-divorced parents?
  6. Has men and women’s view of dating been impacted in any way by feminism?
  7. What makes teenagers so sexually orientated?
  8. How does it feel not being a twin where there are twins in a family?
  9. How are children impacted by divorce? Are the negative aspects felt more acutely by younger children?
  10. How is a person’s physical health impacted by a strong marriage or healthy relationship?
  11. What causes some parents to push their children into an excessive amount of extracurricular activity?
  12. What causes rivalry and conflict between siblings?
  13. What causes some members of a family to be closer to one another than to other members of the family?
  14. How is the child-rearing process affected in one-parent families?
  15. How are family and personal relationships impacted by educational levels?
  16. How is the child-rearing process impacted by the involvement of grandparents?
  17. How are relationships impacted by distance?
  18. How are rich people’s own perceptions of their wealth altered by children?
  19. What causes some women to repeatedly enter into destructive or harmful relationships?
  20. How is a parent’s business or career opportunities impacted by having children?
  21. How are male-female relationships changed when they co-habit before marriage?
  22. In what ways can family relationships be impacted by government policies? For instance, can family decision-making be affected where having more than two children is not legally permitted?
  23. How is a daughter’s marital position and success influenced by her relationship with her own father?
  24. Why do such a large number of children disagree with their parents?
  25. Are inter-family relationships impacted in any meaningful way by social media?
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Social Topics

  1. What are the primary causes of people becoming homeless?
  2. Why do so many parts of the world suffer from poor quality water?
  3. How are children’s views of their future affected by poverty?
  4. Why do so many disabled people find it difficult or impossible to find decent jobs?
  5. Why do men continue to earn higher salaries than women?
  6. What are the main reasons why so many American people live on the poverty line?
  7. How are different countries and their populations affected by race and discrimination?
  8. How are children’s views of money and food changed by food poverty in childhood?
  9. How can the global fight against poverty be helped by not-for-profit organizations?
  10. How is the quality of life and prospect for growth impacted in various global communities where there is a poor standard of sanitation?
  11. How are a person’s prospects of becoming successful in later life impacted where they are raised in poverty?
  12. How is the demographic landscape in the USA changing as an increasing number of baby boomers reach retirement?
  13. How is a government’s relationship with the people it governs altered where religious oppression exists?
  14. How is the psychological welfare and emotional stability of a child affected by watching news that is violent or in some other way disturbing?
  15. What is driving the growth rates in adoption in America and in other developed nations?
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Technology Topics

  1. How are adults in the older age group affected by video gaming?
  2. Why are so many teenagers attracted to social media websites?
  3. How are children influenced by cell phone usage?
  4. How is the quality of business and business relationships improved by the use of smart phones?
  5. How is the psychology of children altered when they play violent video games?
  6. How are the spending habits of consumers influenced by Internet shopping?
  7. Why do you think Google continues to be the most widely used and popular search engine?
  8. How have the communication habits of people been changed by cell phones?
  9.  Why do so many cell phone users and families buy into unlimited plans?
  10. What makes some video games so popular?
  11. How are the dynamics of teenage relationships influenced by social media?
  12. How would an individual’s life be changed without access to the Internet?
  13. What are the primary causes of school bullying?


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