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Awesome Classification and Division Essay: Main Writing Stages

Classification and Division Essay

In course of studies, students are often assigned to analyze different issues, categorize them into groups, and present research results in a written form, i.e. by producing a classification and division essay. The purposes of writing this type of paper may vary greatly. You may be asked to classify sport equipment, group the items of expenditures of a certain company, or deal with other matters. The most important thing is to know what classification methods are and how to adopt them.

The Nub of a Classification and Division Essay

By assigning students to write this type of paper, professors are aimed at teaching them to critically analyze the categorized things and find the relationship between them. As to the way of writing, a classification and division essay does not differ significantly from other types of papers. It is not complicated to produce such a work. Your task is to classify the items of a different character into suitable groups. One more way of preparing this essay is to divide the whole groups of objects into different categories.

Choosing a Topic and Making an Essay Outline

In order to produce an efficient outline, it is necessary to identify the aim of your essay and its direction. If you are to examine a complex topic requiring detailed research, you should think about the categories that can be defined within your area of study. For instance, if you study geography, you may think about classifying tectonic plates into groups paying attention to the structural peculiarities of modern Earth crust. You may single out the following categories:

  • Tectonic plates with divergent movement;
  • Tectonic plates with convergent movement;
  • Tectonic plates with transform movement.

In case you are to explore an informal subject, you may write a paper about the things relating to daily routine. For example, you may create a list of shops in your area and group then in accordance with type of products they sell:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

When writing a classification and division essay, it is rather useful to cite good examples and present one’s own considerations about the discussed matter.

Making an essay outline will help you formulate the classification and division principles. For example, if your paper is about modern literature genres, you may highlight the features of each genre and then present the most famous writers and their literary works.

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Introduction and Thesis Statement

This paragraph should introduce the issue you are exploring and explain why it is worth being aware of its particular classes. A thesis statement should define the key categories of the examined items.

Body Paragraphs

Each paragraph of the main body should deal with a particular group of items mentioned in a thesis statement. If you are going to deal with tectonic plates (the above-mentioned example), each paragraph can describe their specific types, structure, and characteristic features accordingly. Note that it is essential to support each idea you discuss. For this reason, you need to give examples taken form authoritative sources. However, you may also provide examples from your own experience if it does not contradict professor’s instructions.

Classification and Division Sample For Free

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This section should unite the groups you have categorized when writing the paper. In addition, you need to emphasize the significance of the covered topic one more time. For example, it is very important to be aware of distinctive characteristics of tectonic plates as it can help prevent some disasters.

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