Nursing is a profession the nurse has the training by giving care to individuals and the community. My intention is to pursue a doctorate program and quality as a family nurse practitioner with the ability to provide leadership in the nursing practice. After going through the literature of nurses in the country, I have realized that a gap exists between practice and leadership. Most of the nurses are master’s graduates and Ph.D. holders in nursing; therefore they lack leadership in the profession. Therefore, I decided to pursue a DNP program since it is tailored towards preparing nurses for leadership in the practice, therefore, improving the delivery of services in the healthcare industry.

My career goal is becoming a leader in providing affordable and quality healthcare. This is because many people cannot afford primary healthcare owing to lack of insurance premiums that are expensive, or the lack of knowledge. In the pursuit of my goal, I have decided to enroll in a doctorate program at Georgetown University because of its capability to provide global leaders in healthcare. The university’s programs in healthcare are tailored to produce leaders who can improve the health and well being of people despite the cultural differences. I was attracted to this university because it provides practical lessons by patterning with leading healthcare centers and hospitals where students go for internship.

Georgetown is one of the most distinguished universities in regard to research and advancement of the nursing profession. In addition to its global appeal in the production of exceptional and highly qualified nurses, Georgetown University follows the doctrine of the catholic faith. Since its inception, the Jesuits have played a crucial role in the growth of the university, through the provision of courses tailored to instill discipline and discipleship among students. For example, it is compulsory for students to enroll for classes in the Christian faith, discipleship, Christian values and biblical studies. In this respect, the Jesuit tradition promotes the university’s commitment to spiritual inquiry, religious and cultural pluralism. Most importantly, the Georgetown University expects students to observe the Christian code of values and live in a humble, religious, selfless and spiritual life just like the Jesuits.

My volunteering experience at the Leesburg free clinic was intense and highly educative. I learned the importance of the provision of holistic health care for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in the community. This includes providing health care to the sick, elderly, poor, orphans and those suffering from HIV/AIDS. During the volunteering program, I realized that the elderly people in society require compassion, love and care. Since they fall sick quite often, most families tend to neglect the elderly are regarded as a burden. Therefore, I intend to double my efforts in working with elderly people, and through my leadership experience, I will educate the society about the need for caring for the elderly. The experience at Leesburg enabled me to develop teamwork skills. Such skills enabled me to grow my expertise in nursing care trough a modeled work-study environment with people with more nursing skills.

In five years time, my career objective is to graduate with a DNP (practice doctorate) from Georgetown. After going through the literature and list of doctorate practitioners, I specifically chose the DNP program from Georgetown University because it provides mentorship in the highest level of the nursing practice. Besides, the program is quite intensive owing to its practice oriented final scholarly project. I know that, as a family nurse practitioner, the DNP will prepare me adequately for leadership in the nursing practice. This is because, in the nursing profession, the practice doctorate in nursing (DNP) reflects the highest qualification for advanced practice nurses. I want to graduate with the DNP, so that I can be among the distinguished nurses from Georgetown. Moreover, I will be competent enough to work as a nurse administrator, an educator and prepare for studies in population health. What is more, the DNP program will equip me with intensive leadership skills, which will assist me in the application and translation of research into practice in the nursing career.

I was a member of the fellowship program at Washington Hospital Center, which is regarded as a top training center for new graduates in nursing. During the placement, I learned to value experience in handling patients. At the start, I was unable to handle the patient in the right manner because of my emotions. With the assistance of my mentor, I changed my view about sick people and realized that my patients needed comfort and motivation at all times. I realized that I must consider the patient as a partner in the consultation. This makes the patient feel relaxed, and in a position to air out the grievances, through such a forum, the nurse is in a position to design a care program that best suits the patient as per the help that is seen fit.

Towards this end, I know that the doctoral program at Georgetown University will provide me with the moral and spiritual preparation required for a leader in the nursing practice. Owing to the uniqueness of the doctoral program from Georgetown, I know that I will become a certified health practitioner and get a license to practice. Besides, I will get the educational platform to advocate for better healthcare and service for the elderly, sick and vulnerable people in my community.

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