University education is important in shaping my future as it provides me with the fundamental basics required to make an impactful life. The New York University is indeed a perfect example of the kind of University I need for these kinds of preparations. Being a leader among the universities in its location, I make preference to the New York campus that has a lot of diversity. This is very imperative for me. Adjusting to the new environment will be easy in this environment because of my diverse background. The good university organization and delivery of service will be important contributions to my success at the New York University. It is important in creating a collaborative atmosphere for learning.  

My objective of opening up worldwide restaurant chain will be realized through enough knowledge and competence in marketing. Therefore, this university grants me a big opportunity with an environment that is very competitive. This is a positive aspect for me. The prestigious New York University has a marketing career program of business analytics and marketing in which I have interests and that offers me the best chance of making my life better in the future. With the desire and passion that I have, I exude calm and confidence that the New York University will come in handy to help me achieve my business career.

The New York University Steinhardt will give me the best introduction to food studies that I consider crucial in my course. The department of nutrition, food studies and public health will be useful in giving me an important insight into these core pillars of my business world. Therefore, the transfer of goods and services to the esteemed customers is an art that I believe will be fully perfected at New York University, New York Campus. Opening a worldwide restaurant chain needs the study of marketing from various perspectives including culture, legal policies, entry and expansion into new markets and through knowledge about the nature of business among other important factors.

The New York University has a national reputation which is a great source of inspiration and excitement for me

I happen to have met students from the university and heard and read about the campus faculty. The information that I have sourced from credible sources affirms to me that this is the best choice of university for me. The university has been able to attract the strongest faculty and students. Therefore, this is very significant for me in choosing a business learning environment. Such kind of environment will deliver on my aspirations and needs of becoming a well established business owner in the global sphere. The learning environment presents to me a strong competitive environment that matches well with the kind of positive challenges I anticipate in my future career.

With all that the University has to offer, I am committed to do the best I can around well-driven colleagues whose acuity and intellect as studied from plausible sources has been a great inspiration to me. A competitive spirit of this nature is the most appropriate design of learning that will give me an experience to thrive in different and dynamic environments. I have learnt about people like Professor Galloway whose passion and interest in brand strategy would be useful in my career development. I am looking forward to have more than just classes and further get the experience that I will need to create my brand internationally.  My objective is to make use of in-class discussions and all levels of learning as a source of inspiration in making creative brainstorms both now and in my future endeavors. 

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