Seattle university application essay: Essential Features that each applicant should be well aware of in case he / she is very eager to go to this educational institution.

Credit: Essential Requirements

A successful applicant completes the below indicated minimal program in a high school (every unit corresponds to one academic studying year): 

  • Mathematics – minimum 3 units;
  • English – minimum 4 units;
  • Laboratory science– minimum 2 units;
  • Social studies – minimum 3 units;
  • Foreign language– minimum 2 units;
  • Additional units from the listed disciplines – minimum 2 units.

What is Running Start?

Running Start is referred to a Washington State program that assists qualified and gifted high-school students to enroll tuition-free in specific community courses when they complete all the indicated high-school diploma requirements.

Consider that the credits gained by a Running Start student can apply to both the graduation of high school and to future university / college degree completion at any state university / college located in Washington, DC. It should be noted that a five-quarter credit course corresponds to one high-school credit.


How to Get into Seattle University

Keep in mind that a Running Start student graduating from high school in the same year as he / she commences his / her study at the University of his / her dream, or attends college / university for the first time since his / her high-school finishing are regarded as a first-time freshman, and ought to keep to the deadlines as well as procedures of the standard application calculated on for applicants. Consider that a  Running Start nursing applicant is an exception to the above-mentioned rule.

Financial Aid

Each Running Start student is referred as a "first-time freshman" who can apply for financial aid. For additional information, contact Finances section.

Running Start Credit

It should be noted that Seattle University has managed to develop transfer guides as a useful resource for applicants who are going to transfer credits from any state community colleges located in Washington. For more information, refer either to the Transferology or Core Curriculum websites of the university.

Nursing and Running Start

Seattle University has been offering direct entry for highly qualified and sophisticated applicants to specific majors during the admission time. Due to the intensive nature of the Nursing program offered at Seattle University, a freshman is guaranteed only to start his / her nursing sequence in the spring quarter of his / her sophomore year, which is his / her sixth quarter at university. A freshmen with the advanced credits that will go to nursing program, from Washington State Running Start or other equivalent programs, have 2 alternatives:

  • TWO year program: a student who managed to complete a Direct Transfer Associate's degree (together with all required prerequisite courses) through the Running Start program is regarded for the junior year category by having his / her application directed to the transfer applicants pool. For further details, refer to the Admissions Office.
  • FOUR year program: no matter whether a student had advanced credit, he /she should commence with the first-year category, complete Nursing prerequisite courses and Core Curriculum, and then start Nursing sequencing at the end of his / her sophomore year.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Take into account that Advanced placement (AP) in all courses may be obtained after an applicant takes the (AP) exams, which are conducted by the Entrance Examination Board (EEB). College credit is usually provided if the test score gained meet the requirements of Seattle University.  Official results of examination are to be sent from the Entrance Examination Board (EEB) to the Registrar Office. An advanced placement course credit must not be more than 45 credits. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Credits awarded for International Baccalaureate exams by Seattle University are not regarded as transfer credits.  It should be noted that a student who has "higher level" (HL) courses and exams can be considered eligible for course credit or / and advance standing with scores of 7, 6, and 5 respectively. 

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A First-year Applicant Is to Submit the Following

  • Official transcripts from high school; 
  • Filled in a Common Application Form;
  • SAT / ACT reports. Consider that the ACT Writing and SAT Essay sections are NOT obligatory.*
  • 1 recommendation provided by the teacher; 
  • 1 recommendation provided by the counselor; 
  • School Report;
  • A Washington State Running Start student should submit his / her official college transcript; 
  • An applicant who schooled at home ought to refer to additional requirements and clarifications.
  • An application fee of $55 should be paid. This sum is not non-refundable. 

The following categories of students listed below must not pay the fee of $55:

  1. Those who graduated from or attends a Jesuit / Catholic high school located in Washington, DC.
  2. Those who participate in the Rainier Scholar program at Seattle University;
  3. Those who have a grandparent, a parents, or a sibling who graduated from Seattle University;
  4. Those who attend the summer College Planning Day event organized by Seattle University.
  5. Those who would like to qualify for a National Association for College Admission Counseling NACAC fee waiver.

More info is provided when a Common Application is filled out.

*NB: official ACT / SAT scores will be required once the enrollment to Seattle University is confirmed by an applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicant who submits a Common Application or Seattle University application essay to Seattle University is to give answers to a few questions, as well as provide brief and clear answer reflections. 

The above-indicated tasks should be completed by each first-year applicant:

  1. Dwell on one most significant extracurricular activity a job experience that you liked the best. Your Seattle university application essay should comprise 50-100 words.
  2. You can also choose one of the following and provide your reflections
  3. The citizens of Seattle are the leaders in purchasing more paper books per capita than the representatives of other US cities. Could you recommend or advise any book to the admission counselors? Why would you recommend this very book?
  4. What do you expect from Seattle University and what are your career expectations? What company / firm / organization would you like to work for? Give you reasons? 

If you have any questions concerning how to complete different papers, feel free to contact and clear out even the minutest and not very essential, at first sight, issue.

Personal Statement Seattle University Sample

It is not always an easy task for a young lady to prove her worthiness of being a student in a solid institution like Seattle University. I understand that there are so many individuals, who want to achieve the same purpose and become students. It is wrong to state that I am better than all the other applicants; still, it is possible to explain why this place is crucial for my future. The teachers from my college life have already shown how it is possible for me to become a better person and which career goals should be set. Therefore, now, I am able to identify my future goals and the ways how they can be achieved. I see my future in the sphere of finance. Business is the world that attracts my attention a lot. I cannot imagine my life without numerous financial affairs, and I want to prove that I am worth attention and recognition.

My experience provides me with a chance to believe that I could become a good specialist. Being a student in the Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University and Seattle Central Community College, I realized that people are free to choose their own paths and develop their skills accordingly. Each problem is not an obstacle but a challenge that has to be overcome with the help of the best human qualities and abilities. There is no necessity to avoid difficulties. Sometimes, it is even impossible. What I have to do is to be ready to use the best of myself and help other people to do the same.

As an international student, I perfectly understand, speak, and write English as well as Chinese. This bilingual ability makes me sociable at different levels. This is a real treasure for me to continue developing my cultural and intellectual backgrounds in Seattle University. It is also a good chance to explain other students the peculiarities of my native country and help them better understand the world of Chinese culture and traditions. Seattle University is the place of education for many international students. It opens its doors to people from different parts of the world and explains how it is necessary to respect each other. This quality is important for future leaders, and I want to be one of them. The business industry is constantly improving by properly prepared specialists. It is not enough to have a good financial education. It is more important to develop the proper qualities, communicative skills, respect, and understanding. At the same time, good leaders should be able to listen and make conclusions. The reputation of Seattle University shows that I can get the required portion of support here. It combines the ideas of faith and education. It helps to develop the good traits of an individual and takes care of the potential for academic success.

I am lucky to learn two different worlds, China and the USA. Now I know that it is possible to unite people and pay attention to their cultural, racial, and social backgrounds. Someone may think that all these points have nothing in common with the world of business and finance. I do not agree with such statement. It does not matter whether people work in the sphere of finance, medicine, or education; they should take care of each other, respect each other’s culture and interests, and know how to help each other in a proper way. Of course, some kind of rivalry is crucial for any development. But all these competitions should focus on the development of personal strengths, not on someone’s weaknesses. I truly believe that Seattle University is the place that can teach me more about how to become a better person with the necessary amount of skills that can help me to be a successful woman in the future. My graduation from this university will not be the end. It will become a good beginning of my future, my career, and my successful life as a true specialist in the sphere of finance. Hopefully, Seattle University can provide me with such opportunity to become better from different perspectives.

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