I must admit that I really want to pursue an undergraduate degree in Finance at Robert Smith Business School at the University of Maryland. I am aware of the fact that the school is incredibly competitive to get in. However, I believe that I have chances and skills to become a good student of this school. I developed a great interest in business since I came to the United States. Thus, I decided to leave the military in order to improve my education, because I knew that a proper education can impact a person’s life greatly. I have always been interested in Math; therefore, I am sure that choosing Finance as my major was an appropriate decision.

One of the reasons that made me apply for admission in the University of Maryland is the diversity of students and the mature professors and instructors who all have a broad range of experience and expertise. I consider that studying at the University of Maryland will make me a good specialist. In turn, I will do my best in order to prove my serious intentions as for studying.


Another reason that influenced my choice is the school’s location

Although I am from Vietnam, serving in the US Army developed in me the feeling of patriotism and pride for America. The chance not only to live but also study in the capital of the US is an honor for me, and I will value it.

The decision to move to America has provided me with the great opportunity. Indeed, I have never thought I would have it. I am proud to serve in the US Army as a soldier. After achieving my military goal, I decided to enter the University of Maryland in order to obtain the degree. I will hold the same enthusiastic perspective no matter whether being a student at the University of Maryland or a soldier in the US Army. Studying at the University is really very important for me. What I want is to reach my goal getting a business major and starting my career consulting others and providing them with the same knowledge that was given to me.

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