You are very eager to become a member of a talented, interesting and diverse academic community at Maryland University, are not you? Then you should consider each step of you application process. Consider that a University of Maryland essay should be of supreme quality only is you want your dream to become reality next year. Take into account that the Admission Committee of the University has been looking for the best applicants to join the University of Maryland.

High-school students as well as students with fewer than 18 quarter hours or 12 semester hours of university-level credit are required to apply as freshmen applicants. in order to be considered for admission to the Maryland University, different types of scholarships, as well as invitations to certain programs / courses, students are to apply by the  deadline set by the University. Freshmen applicants applying for fall semester admission are automatically enrolled for the spring semester admission.

University of Maryland Requirements

The University of Maryland expects that each applicant has managed to complete the following by his / her graduation of high school:

  • Studied English for at least 4 years; 
  • Studied Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry for the period of four years. The applicants who completed Algebra II prior to his / her final year are to complete the four-year mathematics requirement by choosing a course or several courses that use non-trivial algebra. The courses examples that meet the following requirement are Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus, College Algebra, and Statistics.
  • Social Science or History should be studied for three / four years.
  • Foreign language should be studied for the period of at least two years.

The most experienced, competitive and sophisticated applicants exceed the above-mentioned requirements, gaining a strong A- or B+ or above average in high-school coursework when they take Advanced Placement, a few honors, and/or or any of the International Baccalaureate courses as well as additional academic elective courses. You should carefully review the University check-list concerning each required paper to get ready for the application process.


Process of Reviewing Applications

The Admission Board takes into account 26 factors as an essential part of a holistic review. The following process takes into consideration all the aspects of every qualification of an applicant and offers university admission to the most sophisticated, competitive, talented and experienced, applicants so as to create a unique class of the freshmen. When a decision is taken, the Undergraduate Admissions Office sends an email to an applicant to notify him / her that his /her admission decision is available online on the official website of the University of Maryland. Information regarding financial aid as well as merit scholarships is released in a few days later after the results of admission release.

Applications are regarded as complete when an applicant has submitted his / her online application and other documents / material required by the University of Maryland. Each document must be postmarked by the timely deadline for the admission consideration. Take into account that it can take up you about to four business days after your submission so that you will be capable of viewing your application status and all the submitted papers online. An applicant is responsible for confirming the receipt of all the materials / documents required for application.

Choice of the Major: Things to Consider

When you decide to do to Maryland University, your preferred / chosen major is not regarded whether or not you will be admitted to this institution. You may not indicate major or minor preferences while apply; after you have been admitted, you will be capable of working with the academic supervisor who will pay attention to your preferences, wishes, or needs.

Some majors are very favored by the students, but only few chosen will be admitted and will be given a splendid possibility to master their preferred majors. Such majors are referred to as a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). Those students who chosen a Limited Enrollment Program as the major of theirs will be reviewed by the certain program to define admission to the indicated major. As the majority of applicant are admitted to one of their preferred / chose majors, some LEP students can be deprived of such a possibility. Students admitted to the University of Maryland, but not enrolled to chosen LEP majors are directed towards Letters & Sciences Office. There they will work with a professional advisor in order to meet the requirements to be capable of earning admission to those majors. Those students who failed to choose the LEP major are usually admitted directly to that very major they indicated inthe application of theirs. All major decisions are indicated in the admission decision letter of each applicant.

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Questions concerning University of Maryland Essay Requirements

An essay is one of the twenty-six factors that are considered by the Admissions Board.

The following piece of writing provides each applicant with an outstanding and unique opportunity to showcase each aspect or feature of his/ her personality / character, experiences and skills that fit best with Maryland University academic community. While taking into account an applicant’s approach to essay questions, it is recommended to ponder thoroughly on each answer, hence making it fresh, creative, succinct, and unique. Utilize such an opportunity as a ideal time for intellectual meditation, self-analysis, or self-reflection. Each applicant can get fee access to some practical essay writing hints / tips concerning how to handle each of the University of Maryland application requirements in the best way possible and gain the most priceless chance to become a student at this educational institution.

Answer to one of the essay questions provided below in your application essay. The question you are going to give an answer to should be at the beginning of your paper. The essay should not exceed 500 words; the question will excluded from the total word count of the essay. 

  1. Dwell on an amazing story from your real life, making emphasis on the experience that has contributed to the development orestablishment of your character.
  2. Describe the time when you managed to make a meaningful and effective contribution to other people in which the society well-beingwas your emphasis. Discuss each challenge and / or reward of making that very contribution.
  3. What is the most complicated part of leading a happy teenager life now? What are the best parts of it? What advice could you give the next generation (assume they would follow each piece of your advice)?
  4. Submit an original and creative piece of writing on the topic that you have chosen.

The requirements regarding a University of Maryland essay: 4 short answers comprising about 150 characters each.

“At Maryland University, our students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of fascinating opportunities that can significantly contribute to their personal and academic growth in the future.”

The Maryland University application is aimed at balancing your words, energy, time, and efforts. Consider that when you piece of writing will be assessed, each character written will be of great significance!

To tell about yourself a bit more, complete the sentences listed below using only the space given. (150 characters only)

  • If I would be given an opportunity to travel in time, I would like to go to…
  • My flabbergasting thing about last Saturday was…
  • The most bizarre fact that I have ever learned from scientific research was…
  • In addition to my preferred major, my other academic interests comprise…
  • Something unusual facts you could not be aware of me are…

It is recommended that each applicant is always make emphasis on the most significant things while giving answers to the set question. Besides, it is of great importance to mage the time provided in the most effective way possible. Consider that a few characters can change your life forever.    

University of Maryland Essay Sample

I must admit that I really want to pursue an undergraduate degree in Finance at Robert Smith Business School at the University of Maryland. I am aware of the fact that the school is incredibly competitive to get in. However, I believe that I have chances and skills to become a good student of this school. I developed a great interest in business since I came to the United States. Thus, I decided to leave the military in order to improve my education, because I knew that a proper education can impact a person’s life greatly. I have always been interested in Math; therefore, I am sure that choosing Finance as my major was an appropriate decision.

One of the reasons that made me apply for admission in the University of Maryland is the diversity of students and the mature professors and instructors who all have a broad range of experience and expertise. I consider that studying at the University of Maryland will make me a good specialist. In turn, I will do my best in order to prove my serious intentions as for studying.

Another reason that influenced my choice is the school’s location. Although I am from Vietnam, serving in the US Army developed in me the feeling of patriotism and pride for America. The chance not only to live but also study in the capital of the US is an honor for me, and I will value it.

The decision to move to America has provided me with the great opportunity. Indeed, I have never thought I would have it. I am proud to serve in the US Army as a soldier. After achieving my military goal, I decided to enter the University of Maryland in order to obtain the degree. I will hold the same enthusiastic perspective no matter whether being a student at the University of Maryland or a soldier in the US Army. Studying at the University is really very important for me. What I want is to reach my goal getting a business major and starting my career consulting others and providing them with the same knowledge that was given to me.

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