I am confident that Illinois University will offer the best opportunity for me to progress with my profession. The university has the capacity to propel me in attaining my varied educational goals and professional aims by the end of the course.

My Educational goals are to attain the highest Level of training in Management information system and continually appraise the existing knowledge and skills. The course will fulfill this aim by equipping me with knowledge relating to database management, application programming, business data communications, system analysis and design among other relevant topics in the field. I also intend to diversify my knowledge to incorporate various types of organizations.  Most importantly, I am interested in data warehousing and data mining that are used by high-level management. I am sure of acquiring these skills as the University is known for excellent automation of its services.

My professional aims are to transform the management of organizations through integrated use of information systems. University of Illinois will offer me an opportunity to practice these skills due to the numerous resources that the university possesses. Additionally, the graduates from this University are recognized globally due to their high ethical standards, integrity and professional discipline. These are my professional aims that I intend to attain from the University. Moreover, it is my goal to contribute in the development of Management Information programs that would enhance efficiency and effectiveness in management of organizations.

The University of Illinois has renowned professors who have contributed significantly in the field of information technology. I intend to engage them fully so as to benefit maximally from their knowledge which, they are readily willing to share.

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