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Situated in Bloomington, Indiana, the Indiana University (IU) is one of the US largest public research universities in the country, which is well known for its belonging to the “Public Ivy League.” Offering a rather affordable, yet very intensive and well-recognized education, this university is one of the most popular choices among those applicants who are searching for a creative, rigorous and original environment. The university is ranked 90 in the recent rates of universities worldwide, and 39 in the USA. What should an applicant start with in order to apply for this university? The answer is simple. He / she should complete an Indiana university application essay of premium quality.

Although the acceptance rate of the Indiana University is 78%, an Indiana university application essay is still an essential part to the process of college / university application. You should not get worried if you strictly follow the guidance provided below.

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Efficient Indiana University Application Essay Guidelines

Writing a personal statement is a turning point in your life because it is usually a decisive factor in the application process. Actually, such an essay is your chance to prove that you deserve to be accepted to a certain college or university. The main advice that can be given to all the applicants is “Be yourself.” When writing an application essay, you clearly explain what makes you unique and interesting. However, the truth is that many other applicants will also follow this advice. How to write an essay that will help you stand out from others? We have prepared a list of tips that will help you find out how to create a masterpiece that will make the admission board members think “Wow! We surely need this student!”

Choose a Good Topic

If you are allowed to write your personal statement on any topic, make sure to select the one that will help you create an engaging, appealing, and creative piece. When choosing the topic, keep in mind that your essay should be about you, your experiences, and your aspirations. 

Don`t focus mainly on the educational institution. Of course, you may mention that after reading all the requirements indicated on the university website, you think that you are a perfect fit for this educational environment. However, first and foremost, you need to focus on your strengths. 

Keep Your Focus Personal

Do not try to cover too many topics as you will make your essay too shallow. Instead, try to pick up two or three major aspects that may help you demonstrate your personality and focus on them. 

Use Your Own Voice

Although you may examine the great personal statement examples available on the web, you should not forget that the essay should introduce you, your feelings, and your strengths. Try to avoid copy-pasting from the samples as it is a wrong strategy. Only an original essay that tells the application committee more about yourself will bring you the expected outcome.

Don`t Forget About Revision

Even if you have written a brilliant personal statement, do not forget to proofread it in order to fix all the flaws compromising the quality of your paper. When checking your paper, make sure to delete or paraphrase all the awkward or irrelevant sentences, as well as fix all the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Though your essay will be assessed primarily for its content, the obvious typos will demonstrate your carelessness, which is not good if you want to get accepted.

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Indiana University Application Essay: Essential and Helpful Tips 

Carefully read the below provided Indiana university essay prompt, which is considered one of the most significant one:

Describe in detail your future academic plans and career perspectives and any specific interest (for interest, academic interests, undergraduate extracurricular activities or research, leadership achievements / opportunities / expectations etc.) that you are very eager to perform as an undergraduate at the University of Indiana. Additionally, if you encountered any original / unusual / interesting circumstances, obstacles , or challenges in pursuit of your academic education, you should share those useful experiences, as well as how you managed to overcome each of them. (200-300 words are enough for your response.)

This practical prompt is of great significance as “Why College / School / University Y?” and “Why Major in X?” combined. Future readers expect that they clearly grasp which of programs or opportunities offered at Indiana University you would like to take advantage of in order to succeed in your future career and life. Firstly, discuss your future academic and career goals and interests; second, give explanations how this university would assist you in reaching these aspirations and wishes.

The first part of an Indiana university application essay should give clear answer to the question: What would you like to become when you finish your studying? This part of your essay should provide a cohesive and clear picture of your desires and passions in a certain academic field or discipline. Commence with an anecdote or a joke that can clearly showcase your interest in and love for a single study course or future career.

Try your best to make your introduction concise, vivid, and mind-blowing so that your readers pay their attention to it. For instance, you could start with a vivid description of the immense relief and pride that you felt after having distributed the school journal you and your school-mates worked on for many hours a day.

You should try to show more than simply tell. Try to provide pieces of evidence of your passions or interests through your actions and deeds during your research project preparation or any extracurricular activities. For instance, instead of stating “I like both art and science,” make emphasis on the year that you spent conducting research on the ability of the brain to store various memories through van Gogh masterpieces, and how this made you view the recollection process as more of a vivid art rather than a pure science.

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You should try to connect your achievements, aspirations and future plans to Indiana University. Specificity is one of the most important aspects in this case. You should avoid being unclear, vague or bizarre with such statements as “Indiana University is ideal for me” or “If I go to Indiana University, I would expect to study in the UK.” Vague and general statements show a lack of your interest, as well as of your effort. You should do research and find out about the qualities, programs and opportunities that make Indiana University special and unique only to the needs of yours. What are programs at Indiana University, and what will you be able to learn there? What is a high quality of Indiana University that is significant to you only? Avoid providing generic answers that could apply to any other educational establishments.

Your key goal should be to connect your aspirations and accomplishments with the unique opportunities that await only you at Indiana University; however, you should not list each potential activity that you could take part in and always stay concentrated.

In Summary

  • Commence with a witty anecdote that conveys your specific interests in a single discipline or field of science.
  • Indicate how you managed to overcome or handle a difficult obstacle in the chosen field; focus on corroborative pieces of evidence of your unique experience.
  • Emphasize the quality or key essence of a certain activity or activity at Indiana University that would assist you in growing in this filed. 

You can always refer to our Indiana university essay examples database for further clarifications or our company.

Indiana University Application Essay Sample

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