For an individual to achieve any goals in life, there are three paramount factors for consideration. The person must have knowledge on what he or she wants, where to find it, and, finally, the desire to have it. I have a burning desire to become an elite member in the financial field. There is no single doubt about what I want as well as the desire to acquire it. However, these two factors are insufficient to guarantee any success on their own. In fact, an appreciable number of people possess both the knowledge of what they want to become in life. Furthermore, they have the desire to achieve these goals. Nevertheless, many of them still harbor some resentment regarding attainment of their goals. This is because they lack knowledge of where to acquire the right education. I want to avoid making the same mistake. This is why Indiana University is my preferred choice.

Currently, I major in business at Greenriver Community College

The Indiana University has a cultured environment. The institution possesses enormous facilities and able teaching fraternity. It has a reputation of excellence that makes it outstanding among other universities. My desire to become a holistic finance expert will receive a significant boost from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. The school has an excellent reputation in the field of finance and accounting. In addition, it has a long history of tested and proven teaching methods. This is evident in the profiles of its alumni in key financial institutions as well as various finance departments of outstanding organizations. This is a sufficient proof that the school churns out people who are not only intellectually empowered but also of high integrity.

In the course of my studies, I have engaged in several years of optional practice training in many institutions in the United States. At one point, I volunteered to assist a friend in auditing a local community school. This granted me an opportunity to work with the auditing company due to my irresistible desire to amass hands-on experience. The auditor had confidence in me since I was rendering free services and gave him an opportunity to work on other pending reports. There were numerous financial misappropriations by the management. The citation of the same to the auditor did not seem to bear much fruits. I eventually quit when I realized that he was not the role model for any aspiring accountant. He colluded with management to balance the accounts and present it as a supremely accountable institution. The Board of Governors of the school received complaints about the possibility of discrepancies in the financial report. They sought the services of another auditor and the revelations were disastrous. As a result, the school overhauled its administration, and replaced its auditor after several decades. The donors’ confidence increased, which ensured that the bright but destitute students would continue to get free education.

This incident changed my perspective about accounting and accountability

My plans are to eventually go back to China and oversee the financial transactions of my family businesses. Moreover, I purpose to spare some time to inspire the society on the need for institutional accountability. Indiana University holds the key to make this dream a reality. The department of accounting in the school of business will offer me a platform to nurture crucial leadership skills through its interactive activities in and out of class. Indeed, the department possesses tutors who focus on holistic development of the learners. Indiana University nurtures not only the head, but also the heart of its learners. With this kind of education, I can be able to make significant changes in the society. Indiana University helps one to become a person of honor, excellence, and integrity.

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