Dialectic Essay

A dialectic essay deals with examining disputable matters. In order to collect enough relevant information about the addressed issue, you need to use reliable sources i.e. websites, articles, newspapers, reference books, etc. When writing your paper, be sure to cite quotations in the right manner by following the rules of the selected formatting style.

There is a lot of information about creating a dialectic essay online. However, you have to be confident that the used web resources are trustworthy. Below, there is a set of broad guidelines which you may use for preparing your paper.

Dialectic Essay Structure:

Introductory Section

It performs the topic of the paper. This paragraph should present:

  • the subject examined by the writer;
  • succinctly stated viewpoints about the discussed issue;
  • thesis statement outlining the core concept of the work.

Basic Information

Provide readers with accurate data about the tackled problem.

Stating an Opinion (Part 1)

Fully concentrate on the topic. This paragraph should put forward strong arguments upholding the main idea. You need to present the point of view which you share and explain the reasons for its validity. It is necessary to mention the names researches who also consider the discussed point of view objective.

Stating an Opinion (Part 2)

In this paragraph, you should keep researching the core concept of your essay. Provide one more viewpoint about the subject you are investigating and name the academicians who share it. Additionally, it is essential to impart facts backing the analyzed viewpoint.

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Discuss the Provided Viewpoints

You need to prove that the contradictory opinion is wrong. Therefore, your task is to examine the facts given to justify both points of view.

Personal Point of View

Express your personal opinion about the covered subject and spell out why you think it should be taken into account. Give compelling facts to defend your position.

Note that it is of great importance to provide information presenting historical development of the issue.

Do not ignore grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. Make every effort to produce a captivating dialectic essay.

When your paper is completed, make sure that the following points are covered:

  • Is the presented information accurate?
  • Is it important to examine the chosen subject?
  • How to be fair to everyone?
  • What if people’s behavior is the same under different circumstances?

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