Studying, improving, and doing. These are the three aims that I have for my transfer. I want to study in University of Southern California in order to learn as much as possible, increase my professional knowledge and use it in my future career. That is why I want to transfer and begin a great experience of getting an education in this university.

I grew up in a family that is directly connected to business and finances since my parents are real estate agents in Hong Kong. Thanks to them, I have been learning about business and its principles throughout my entire life. I am also very good at communication, and I have had some experience in the business sphere working in my parents' company where I learned many valuable lessons. As a college student majoring in business, I have been very active joining College Activities Board where I have been managing all of the aspects of event planning.

The University of Southern California will get an aspiring student if it accepts me as a transfer student. I am a student whose grades improve every quarter, and I study very hard in order to increase my knowledge as well as meet my potential. I am a person who knows what I want to do, and I have already gained a lot of valuable experience in the business sphere. I can bring this experience while studying and communicating with fellow students as well as bring cultural diversity into the classroom. The University of Southern California can teach me how to use the skills I already have as well as learn new information concerning my major. I believe that the University of Southern California is a great school for me where I can learn a lot of valuable knowledge, get international experience as well as test my own capacities and abilities becoming a professional I want to be. That is why I am looking forward to studying in the University of Southern California since it promises to be an unforgettable educational experience.

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