I am writing to you to request for a chance to be enrolled as a medical student in your institution of higher learning. I am applying for this position because I believe am the best candidate of your choice. I am a self-driven and diligent individual who pays attention to results. I believe in providing solutions to humanity as a course for my motivation. For several years, I have engaged in activities that involved helping the less fortunate children in my community. My participation in these events has awakened the desire to care for children as I pursue my career as a pediatrician. 

Moreover, I have always enjoyed working with young children and this passion has continued to grow significantly over the years. My commitment towards any task ahead of me has made me to always work very hard to reach my goals. I can remember in 2010 when my parents decided to move from my native country, Brazil to the United States. I did not welcome this move because I thought that I would not be able to do well in school. This meant that I would not get a chance to attend a medical school. Therefore I decided to learn English and made sure that I became the best in everything that I did, in order to pursue my dreams. My hard work paid off well because today, I am happy to have acquired good grades and the different awards including best student of the month. 

I was a member of several clubs while in school such as the Key club, which was involved with raising money to help the less fortunate children. I also joined SGO club, which helped me to gain my organizational skills through planning different school activities. 

In addition, I work with my local church where I help in caring for the infant and the children as well as serve in different groups that assist the youth and teenagers. 

Attending Montclair State University will provide me with the skills and opportunities that I need in order to fulfill my career goals. Your institution has very good programs that are enriched with pre-medicine curriculum. There are countless opportunities where I can learn hands on experience, coupled with critical and analytical skills, which will give me all the tools to become a well trained and dedicated pediatrician 

Yours sincerely,

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